Friday, July 29, 2011

Puzzle Oh Puzzle

When I bought the 1,000-piece puzzle, I didn't realize how hard it would be to find the cardboard to use as a canvas for it - that is, to find a perfectly flat cardboard size 70 x 50 cm. I don't want to use the TV cardboard just in case we need it later on, so I have to make do with a cardboard that isn't completely flat (you know, I have to use the little bit on top that has been folded?). I just hope it wouldn't disrupt the entire picture after I'm done with the puzzle.

But anyway, I just want to show you the progress I've made so far. I don't do it every day, but when the mood strikes, I can be at it for an hour or so at least at one go. Mind you that I'd never done any puzzle this big before in my entire life nor did I ever have any interest in doing it before ha ha ha ha ha...

I've actually bought another box of puzzle last year, but I never got around to doing it (it's a pic of dolphins). If and when I'm doing it later on after finishing this one, I'll let you know.

I must say that I was overwhelmed (read: panicked) when I first opened the package 'coz I didn't know where to start. So many small pieces ha ha ha ha ha...I felt out of my league, but I calmed myself down and told myself that I just had to start one piece at a time, so I tried colour-coding the pieces that look to be of the same group together. It was REALLY slow in the beginning and I was frustrated 'coz I didn't know where to start. I think I got stuck after putting 10 pieces together, but after I left them be for a few days, I got a fresh eye when I got back to doing it and now it's going slowly but surely ha ha ha...

OK OK let me just show you the picture then...I still have A LONG WAY to go. Why did I want to start doing puzzles, you wonder? Well, just wanna challenge my brain in different ways, I suppose. :-D

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  1. Wah..gambarnya bagus yach. Ayo, Mel, you can do it!! :) Ntar kalo udah jadi, pasti rasa satisfiednya gimnaaaaa gitu..hehe