Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Taking a nap together with hubby or sleeping together with him is pure bliss.

2. Having met two close friends whom I hadn't met in real life in 5 years (one has been friends with me since we were 14, the other one has been friends with me since we were 16).

3. Having one of those two friends confirming what I had felt all along: that my MIL reminds me of my own mother.

4. Having a part-time job that allowed me to spend as much time as possible with my friends.

5. Not having to cook too much the week when my friends were here (I only cooked reindeer meat once) and being able to enjoy my friend's delicious dishes and cakes and biscuits. :-D

6. PERFECT weather during their stay. Couldn't have asked for more!

7. One of those two friends confirmed to me that I had grown into a much more relaxed person. It's nice to have confirmation about such a thing.

8. The roses in the garden bloomed and they smelled WONDERFUL.

9. Getting another's POV enables me to see things through their eyes and thus allowing me to appreciate more what I have.

10. Receiving so much foodstuff from my two friends. They have packed so much Indo food and goodies in their suitcases. Yum yum...

11. Having a private BBQ with hubby the other day and then during the afternoon I cooked delicious Indo food using the food stuff that my friends brought me.

12. Colder days after such hot days and the rain was such a bliss 'coz then it means my whole garden got free water (which is the best water for them anyway according to MIL).

13. Today is my last work day of the week, which means I'll have more time to blog and do other stuff from tomorrow. YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

14. Finding easy basic belly dancing exercises in youtube which I could follow pretty well. I'm gonna try them again tomorrow. :-D


  1. Ahhh, my favorite feature on your blog. On #1, I love it when you have worked or been doing a lot of things and then that wonderful bed is there to greet and COMFORT YOU !
    & there is nothing to make a person more calm than to know they are loved by someone wonderful (like a husband or wife !) I know I feel much more content and more settled. At this time last year, I wasn't sure I would ever be loved romantically again. It's so nice that a couple short months later, I found Patricia !

  2. I love reading your 3BT's...You are such a positive person!! :) Btw, wahh..pasti asyik banget yach divisit by your close friends. :)

  3. Lovely lists, Amel. In here also lots of raining :((