Monday, July 04, 2011

After The Fun

Yep, back to routine life again after a week of fun with my friends. The last time I met them was around 5 years ago (back in 2006). I must say that they came at the right time. A week before they came, the weather was horrible. It rained almost every day and the sun only came out on Thursday. Last week the sun was out EVERY DAY and it got even as hot as 30'C. Yep, they were laughing and saying that they could get some tan in Lapland, of all the places in the world! He he he he he he he...We went to the river bank and my two friends went for a dip in the river.

On Friday we had a BBQ party in my place and we had a blast. I invited my BIL, SIL, MIL, R2's cousin (close friend) and also two friends (but only one of them could come). We had too much food and drinks, but at least we had more than enough for everybody ha ha ha...

Here are some pics of the BBQ party...

We bought the wrong kind of BBQ grill 'coz it was so small, but then again we had prepared so much food that it was OK to wait for a long time to grill the satay and sausages HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...R2 was the grill master and I helped out in between chatting with the guests.

My friend made this delicious German cheesecake he he he...

The rest of the guests...

Yesterday we drove to Rovaniemi and stopped by at Santa Claus Village. We met Santa there and took a pic he he...It was free to come inside to meet him, but we couldn't take pictures inside, so we had to buy some ourselves.

Here's a pic of us in Santa Claus Village area. R2 wanted to be the female elf HA HA HA HA HA wasn't I who told him to do that! :-D

OK, now it's time for me to blog-hop a little. I feel that I'm starting to have a cold or something 'coz my throat feels a bit weird and I slept so long yet I still feel so tired. I've been coughing during my sleep, but I've taken some cough medicine now. I'm just going to take it easy before I have to go to work later on. Good thing I have some days off now to recuperate.


  1. wow...really looks fun you and your friends. Really FUN shots :D Thanks for sharing in here, Amel.

  2. I am so glad that the girls decided to actually have their photo taken with Santa! As I said at the time, you can't come to Lapland and not go and see him!. How much was the photo Amel, because I couldn't remember.

    It was really nice to meet everyone. Thanks again for the invite.

    I too have started with the sore throat and a bit of a cough! It feels like my glands are up and I feel tired with it too. Deep joy!

    TTFN x

  3. Looks like an entire week of fun and laughter! The cake looks so delicous!!

  4. @Jul: Yeah, so much fun and so many more fun pics ha ha ha...

    @Mrs. Rainbow: You too? Oh no...I've been "hibernating" (AKA sleeping SO MUCH) 'coz I feel that flu is coming to get me. Ugh...I hope you'll GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!

    The photos we chose was the 5 postcards pictures (inserted in Santa's card) that cost €30. There were 5 of us, so each of us only paid €6 for a photo (we just thought we could scan the photo to make it more permanent). They also offered the photo on a USB stick for €40 (two photos on the stick 'coz they took two pics of us). Another one was a HUGE photo of us but I don't remember how much it would cost he he...

    @Blur: Yeah, it'd been SO MUCH FUN. :-D

  5. Love the photos. It really sounds like you all had a lot ton of fun.

  6. love those pictures! You all look like you're having FUN !

  7. I want the cheesecake!! :-D Now, I feel like it's Christmas he he he... What a wonderful time you had with your family & friends... :-)