Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picture Time!!!

Haven't been taking too many nature pics these days, but Friday night we went to Kelujärvi 'coz earlier that day MIL called and said that she was going to go and spend a night there, so she asked if we were going to visit her there on Saturday instead of her apartment. R2 came home a little earlier so I told him it'd be nicer if we could just go there that day instead of Saturday - it being such a nice, sunny day after all.

So we did. And we brought our little baby grill to grill some food outside. Then we played cards until late and we slept in the cabin whereas MIL slept in the house. The next day was really cloudy and rainy, so it was GREAT that we went there on Friday instead (Friday was 25'C and during the afternoon it was almost cloudless). OK OK, let me just share some pics now...

See how cloudless the sky was?

Yep, I was sunbathing on the bench ha ha...

And we ate berries with cream - bought the blueberries in the supermarket, whereas the strawberries and raspberries were from MIL's own garden. Yum yum...

Whose shadow was this? R2's and mine!!! I was sitting on the bench and he stood behind me HA HA HA HA HA...

Fake ripple effect of the lake in front of the cabin. Photo was taken at around 1.30 am he he...

Saturday afternoon we played cards again and went to sauna there, then I saw several curlews (kuovi is the Finnish term), so I ran and grabbed my camera and took many pics from inside the house. There were blurry pics 'coz they moved so fast ha ha ha ha...but these three turned out pretty good IMO.

This last pic is an experimental one. Guess what that object is? Anyone knows? HE HE...


  1. Not a cloud in sight! Wish the sky in the UK would look like that. Today it is cloudy and dull!

    What's the last pic then?

  2. really great shots, Amel. Today, we have hot day. Too hot :((

  3. Soooo beautiful!!! bener2 cloudless yach..keren banget. Really wish I was back in the Faroes now..weathernya juga lagi bagus2nya sekarang.

  4. @Shinta: Yeah, I bet you and Seanie Pooh can't wait to be together with Papa Pooh. Praying so that the passport is done sooner than later!!!