Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Vienna Pics

On the last full day we had in Vienna, we had a chance to meet a friend for lunch. Coincidentally it was such a lovely, sunny day, so we sat on an open terrace and got a suntan afterwards ha ha ha ha...She took us around an area and told us about where to go shopping and gave us ideas. It was just nice to catch up with her and enjoy the sun, too.

Anyway, this is what I ate that day. Spicy chicken briyani or something like that. It was DELICIOUS (and spicy enough that I didn't have to add any chili sauce)! :-D Forgot how much it cost, but it wasn't too outrageous.

R2 had Chicken Schnitzel, which was also delicious (he said). :-D

We found this guy in Stephansplatz area. The next day there was a different guy in another spot in Stephansplatz, doing something like this. In the beginning I was wondering if he was really a person 'coz he didn't move a muscle, but I noticed that the wind was blowing his sleeves he he...

And guess where this lady is sitting????

Voila! Uppppppp high on a Burberry store in Stephansplatz ha ha...I only noticed it when R2 was trying to find our way somewhere, so we were sitting on some benches and I was looking around the place.

From the same sitting spot, I zoomed in on this statue. Mind you that those are live birds he he was funny 'coz there's a bird down there and it looked as if the statue were looking at it. :-D

And after lunch our friend sadly had to go to work, so we went to Marienhilf area to go shopping (she said it was a good shopping street and the prices aren't as high as in Stephansplatz). I found some pairs of leggings at such a good bargain and a pair of jeans on a discount he he...

Anyway, R2 saw the car and I told him to pose in front of it HI HI HI HI HI...

This building facade looked lovely, don't you think? Found this after we passed by Naschmarkt area and we were standing in front of one of the Asian supermarkets in that area. 


Another random stuff we found there...a lovely ball on top of a building.

And I found this sign to be SO cute (I mean the dog is cute!)

OK, I guess that's all for now. Gotta prepare myself to work. Have a lovely weekend, people!!!


  1. that lady was statue isn't it???

    love your shots, Amel. Are you using DSLR as well??

  2. Jul: Yeah, the lady is a statue. No, we have no DSLR. Tempted to buy one but then I have to really learn how to use it and I don't know if I'm diligent enough to learn it properly.

  3. That ball on top of the building is gorgeous! I couldn't help thinking of another gold-edifice-on-top-of-a-building, which sits on top of one (now famous) highrise in Tokyo. I guess the edifice was intended as an artistic swirl. Unfortunately, it looks like a giant dog turd!

  4. Katriina: Yeah, isn't it just? Art can be really crazy depending on the POV, eh? In one museum I saw some paintings that made me laugh 'coz they looked like children's drawings he he he...but then they belong in an art museum. :-D

  5. dear Amel,
    you were so close to me! Only 350 kilometers away :)

  6. Klara: Oh yeahhhhhh!!!! I forgot you lived near there...but then again we were in Vienna for only 4 full days so we didn't really have time to browse through everything or do anything else. Maybe someday I should visit your country. :-D

  7. dear Amel,
    yes, that would be nice!
    When you were in Vienna, I was still in Malaysia (or somewhere between Asia and Europe).... so... next time :)