Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Austistic Patient's Breakthrough

Been having this video on my recommendation list in youtube but only last night did I start watching it...and boy did it really make me feel so much emotion...anyway, I ain't gonna write too long about it, so just watch it yourself!!!

If you go to the youtube page, you can see the links to her Facebook page as well as her website, in case you're interested in knowing more about her book.  


  1. I watched the trailer. Inspiring!
    Can't believe how little does science know about different mental disorders.
    BTW: I loved girl's dad!

  2. @Klara: ME TOO!!! The dad is really persistent. :-D And you're right...even though we've grown through leaps and bounds when it comes to modern technology and science, there's still so much out there that we don't know anything about.

  3. so touching :')
    kudos to the parents..
    On a totally different note, it is a difficult journey, including for the 'normal' sibling(s), coz the child with the special needs usually gets all the parents' attention, resources, energy, funds etc.
    May heaven help them all...

  4. @Natalia: Yeah, that's very true about the other siblings...and amen to that!