Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Albertina + Natural Arts Museum

In Vienna we went to two museums. The first one was Albertina. They were displaying artworks made by the Impressionists, although there were also the abstract section, but we didn't go there because I'm not into that. We didn't use any audio guide for both museums, so we were just looking around at the paintings mostly. The Natural Arts Museum is FAR bigger than Albertina, but as usual we weren't allowed to take any pics of the places.

Anyway, here are some pics of Albertina. I was really fascinated by these stairs! I think the painting must be some kind of waterlily painting by Monet or something like that. Unfortunately there were only a few small Monet paintings there, though I would have loved to see more. I bought a thick and heavy Monet book when I was in Indo and I left it there. Maybe someday I should take it to Finland with me.

Then here's us after we ended our tour in Albertina.

While walking around the city, we passed by the building again, but from a different angle, so here's the pic:

In Natural Arts Museum, there was this one section dedicated to Klimt. It was a small but fascinating section, but what blew my mind was the sizes of other rooms of the building. It really had tall ceilings and some of the paintings were SO HUGE that if one fell over you, you'd be knocked out right away. To see the huge paintings well, I had to step farther back across the room in order to enjoy it. And there were so many huge rooms and paintings to cover that it took so long to finish (this is without audio guide, I can't imagine how much longer the tour would take with audio guide!!!).

The below pic only shows half of the museum, 'coz the other parts looked like they were being renovated on, so I didn't take a pic of that part. 

Zooming in on the dome:

Anyway, in the middle of the rooms for the paintings, there was a really charming cafe with a lovely dome on top. I wasn't sure if we could take pics of the cafe or not, but I saw some other tourists doing so and nobody said anything, so I took a quick pic of the dome and the cafe from one angle. Here they are:

OK, that's it for today. It finally feels like permanent spring has arrived, but let's keep our fingers crossed so that no more snow will come ha ha...My MIL told me that in the old days, it was usual to snow still in June. Anyway, take care, people, and have a lovely day there!


  1. it sounds like you are seeing some awesome sights. If you rated your vacations and going to other countries, has this vacation been one of the best??

  2. Great pics! It fires up my desire to travel. All I have really ever seen is the young country of the US.

  3. WOW

    That words covers it all... WOW.


  4. @M: Yeah, gorgeous places. :-D

  5. @Jeff: Hope you get to travel more later on.

    @Vince: I think we still loved Budapest more than Vienna he he...