Thursday, July 12, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Went to visit MIL at her place yesterday and she looked much better. She was walking around the yard of the apartment complex (using two walking sticks for balance) when I arrived.

2. Knowing that MIL hasn't been totally alone ever since she got back home - that her sis had been there to help her out.

3. Ken, my bro's son, has started going to pre-school and the first day went very well. :-D

4. Going 27 kmh on my bike without having to do anything (because I was going down on a long slope) HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAHHHHH...

5. Having a nice, long chat at my friend's place.

6. Fresh cherries!!!!! There aren't any fresh cherries in Indo, so the first time I tasted them was a few years ago.

7. Feeling as a funny person when I'm with hubby, even though with others I don't especially feel that way (not that often anyway).

8. Cutting my hair shorter and feeling much lighter without having to spend a dime ha ha...

9. Being appreciated. :-D

10. Making a mistake at work and being forgiven for it. And letting it go. :-D


  1. I've been eating fresh cherries and strawberries every day! They're quickly becoming my favorite part of summer.

    I cut my own hair recently, too. It's not horrible, but I think I'll get it done by a professional next time. You're brave!

    1. Actually I'm rather afraid of how Finnish hair stylists will do to my hair. Plus I'm stingy (I can get by with 5-7 Euros for a haircut and wash in Indo ha ha...). I've been cutting my own hair ever since I moved to Finland but I always choose a non-symmetrical hairdo 'coz it's easier that way ha ha...the first time I did it, it was horrible, but it got better as time went by (not as good as what professionals do, but decent enough) ha ha...

  2. It sounds as though life is treating you well! :)
    It's great to hear that your MIL is doing well.
    As for your biking - 27km downhill seems like a very long way! My question is: did you have to go all the way back up again afterwards??!

    1. Oh, you misread it...I meant that I went 27 km per hour (I have a tracker on my bike) while I went down that slope without having to paddle. Going up wasn't that tough 'coz it wasn't such a long uphill road, but in winter it was MUCH tougher, esp. if the temperature got so cold ha ha ha...

  3. Wow, Ken has grown so big and tall. How time flies...

    1. Yeah, he grows SO fast!!! :-D