Monday, September 24, 2012

Heviz #1

Hi, people! I'm on the mend - very slowly, though. Still coughing and still phlegmy and my throat is still sore, but at least for the past few days I've managed to get more rest 'coz the cough isn't as bad as it was, but still no appetite. OK, let's just carry on with our holiday post, shall we?

We went to Heviz a few times from Keszthely. The bus trip to Heviz cost 250 HUF/person (a little less than €1) and it lasts about 20 minutes. We took a local map from the tourist info in order to browse around places of interest there. Unlike Keszthely, which was rather flat, Heviz was hilly, so it was tough to walk around the place on very hot days he he he...

Anyway, here are some cute houses we saw around Heviz.

Don't you think these geese just look SO adorable? While walking around the area, they just caught my eye and I felt happy looking at them.

This one below is located in downtown Heviz. 

We found this blue church somewhere near Centrum. 

 Here's the roof of the church.

Here's an explanation of the church.

And then we kept on walking to find what the map said to be some ancient Roman relics. It was rather hard to find, you know? And by that time we had walked so far from Centrum and my bladder started screaming for relief already. There were nothing much there in the area except for houses, so I was SO relieved to find that there was a really nice, clean toilet right outside the relics area. Here are the pics of the toilet he he he...

I laughed when I read this note on the inner wall of the toilet. What if you need to use the toilet for over 20 minutes and there are people outside? The door will automatically open and GASSSSPPPPP...he he he he he he...

And here I am standing right outside the relics area with my guard dog ha ha...

The area was really small (on the left side of R2) and I don't really think it was worth looking for, actually. No wonder there were NOBODY there except us!!!!

OK, I think I'll end this post here and in the next post I'll show you more pics of the centrum in Heviz. Take care, people!


  1. The front duck in your picture is funny. That's a really beautiful church, especially the exterior. It's a really awesome shade of blue and the architecture is what really makes a person take note. Glad you are feeling a little bit better.

    1. Yeah, looking at that one really makes me happy he he...THANKS, Vince, my throat is still sore and if it's still like that until next week, I guess I have to go back to the doc's. Doh!!! I'm tired of going there over and over again. :-(