Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Nintendo Games

Hubby found a website filled with old portable Nintendo games, but you can actually play it on your PC. One of the games that I used to play in my childhood was:

SO MUCH FUN!!! (click on the link and you'll be able to find other games there, too)

I remember having a Snoopy game on a Nintendo, as well. The bad thing about this type of game was that you couldn't really save anything, so after you reached such high levels, if you died, then you had to start ALL over again from the beginning he he he he...I also seem to remember some kind of cowboy shooting game that was really fun belonging to my cousin. I think the Octopus game also belonged to a cousin of mine.

What kind of portable Nintendo games did you play in your childhood (if any)? 


  1. Amel, that's awesome! I actually remember playing this game! I never owned my own Nintendo, but I must have persuaded friends to let me have turns on theirs, because I remember quite a few of the games on the site you linked to. I also remember a game where Mickey Mouse (?) had to collect eggs being laid by chickens. The eggs would roll down ramps and if you didn't catch them in time they would fall and smash!

    1. You played this game, too? COOL!!! :-D I've never seen a Mickey Mouse game, though. I've only seen a few others on the front page of the link I put here. The Mickey Mouse game sounds exciting! :-D