Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heviz #2

OK, let's carry on with the holiday pics again, shall we? 

In Heviz we went to Aiyara Thai Massage 'coz we're both crazy about massages.We went there twice actually ha ha...the first time we tried the traditional Thai massage without really knowing what it was like (the other times we had massages, we had only tried oil massages and Balinese massage as well as deep tissue massage), so we were in for a little surprise when we found out what it was like. They really worked on your sore spots using their arms as well as gravity and their feet, as well. However, afterwards we felt REALLY relaxed and there were no more sore spots whatsoever, even on the soles of our feet.

The second time around, we tried oil massage and it was nice and relaxing, but I think that they are better at traditional Thai massages because we've had better oil massages. Still it was worth it, though he he...The best part of Aiyara Thai Massage was that the owners spoke English very well. In fact, the guy who works there was VERY friendly without being nosy, so it was really a pleasure to talk to him. :-D 

Anyway, here are some pics of the Centrum in Heviz. 

Below is the stage for bands 'coz of the upcoming St. Stephen's Day. The two "towers" on the far right are the entrance to Heviz Thermal Lake. On the left side of the pic is the bus stop.

Wine and food stalls outside Heviz Thermal Lake. Unfortunately right after St. Stephen's Day was over, they were all gone. :-(

Some pics of downtown Heviz:

We went to that cafe to eat some cakes (actually I bought some cakes, R2 had coffee and ice-cream) he he he...The cakes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! :-D

Here are two pics of me on two different occasions, eating two different types of cakes ha ha...And yeah, we sat on the exact same table 'coz R2 insisted on it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

And here's R2 with his HUGE kiwi ice-cream. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore how much they cost, but I don't recall them being too expensive, though he he...so they must be decently priced. :-D

And we tried Kürtőskalács or "Chimney Cake" or "Stove Cake" for the first time in Heviz. Turned out it was more expensive than the ones sold in Keszthely. The one in Heviz costs 600 HUF (€ 2,2) whereas the one in Keszthely costs 450 HUF (€ 1,7).

Here's a pic of us resting and enjoying the shade near Heviz Thermal Lake. The lake is surrounded by some shady parks. 

Last pic of the day...some cute looking bottles sold in a souvenir shop in Heviz. There are SO many more souvenir shops in Heviz compared to downtown Keszthely. Each of us found a pair of rather cheap jeans there in Heviz, so if you want to go shopping, then Heviz is a good place to start. :-D


  1. Wonderful pictures as always. I think I'd like one of those chimney cakes! Continue to feel better! :)

    1. THANKS, Elena! :-) Yeah, if you go there someday, you should try that chimney cake! :-)