Monday, October 01, 2012

Music + Memories: (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight

Some songs help me remember certain memories and this time I'm gonna talk about Peter Cetera's and Crystal Bernard's "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight", which became a hit in Indo in 1995.

Here's the video clip:

This song took me straight back to my High School trip to Bali because they kept playing this song on the radio during our Bali trip. I was on my last year in High School and was in a different class than my closest friends. There were 6 classes altogether (about 40 students per class) and we went by buses.

I was in a bus with some of my closest friends. Luckily the teachers weren't very strict on things like this he he he he...However, I spent most of the bus trip resting 'coz I had such a bad case of motion sickness despite the fact that I took some medication already prior to the trip. If I remember correctly I threw up 6 times altogether during the bus trip and once on the ferry trip to Bali. Yeah, my sea sickness is even MUCH worse than my motion sickness. Mind you, the ferry trip only lasted for 30 minutes but my mistake was looking at the waves!!! On the way back by the ferry, though, I sat down and closed my eyes the whole time and it went fine! Phew!!!

Anyway, our bus stopped for a few hours during the night due to an accident. I was asleep at that time so I didn't know what was going on. It was dark outside and I woke up 'coz the students in the bus were getting hyped out about something. Turned out that the driver must've dozed off and then our bus accidentally hit a minibus. I don't remember anymore what happened to the minibus or how bad the damage was. :-( So we had to wait for the bus company to send us another driver while the police took the other driver. I certainly hope the driver and the people in the minibus were fine in the end. There was at least one teacher in each bus, though, so we didn't have to do anything much because the teacher dealt with it.

The delay meant that we were late when we arrived in Bali (it was probably around 2 or 3 am when we arrived at the hotel) and we went straight to our own rooms to sleep (again luckily I could be in the same room with some of my close friends - the main point was that each room was filled with 4 students). Back then there were no ATMs whatsoever (no debit cards, either), so everybody took cash for the trip. There were no mobile phones, so many of the students went to a phone rental place (there were several booths of phone that one could use to make long-distance phone calls) and I remembered having to queue for a while before I could contact my parents.

Every day there was special programs for us where we toured around the place together by buses except for one free day when we could do whatever we wanted. My close friends and I rented a car and we went around for a while, though it wasn't really effective because we got lost many times (no GPS at that time!). 

Here's a pic of me and two close friends at the beach. Yeah, I had that kind of face 'coz my naughty friend took off my hat!!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the quality of the pic 'coz the photo was taken with a regular camera ha ha ha ha ha...

And what did the teachers do while we were having fun at the beach? They had to watch our belongings he he he he he he he...

One last memory that I'd never forget. A bunch of us were already in a bus somewhere in Bali, waiting for the other students to come so that we could go somewhere else when all of a sudden this young blonde tourist just came inside the bus, smiled at us (with the tip of his nose covered in lots of sunscreen) and then went out from the back of the bus whereas some of the girls in the bus shrieked out and tried to snap a pic of the guy HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...oh dear goodness!!!! Memories!!! :-D


  1. Your post reminded me of school trips I did at school and in my early years of university - as you pointed out, no one had credit/debit cards, cell phones, or digital cameras! The first time I went to Japan (on a study trip organised by my school) I took traveller's cheques and a Walkman, and wrote home to my parents using aerograms! :)

    1. LOL!!! It didn't feel THAT LONG ago to be honest, but look at what technology has brought us these days. My my...Walkman!!! I got one, too, during the days...I think it was a gift from somewhere, though. And yeah...back then all we could do was send airmails and hope that they didn't get lost in the way he he he...Memories!!! :-D

  2. Your post reminded me of something missing.....its hurt

    1. Ow...I'm SO SORRY to hear this. I hope your pain doesn't stay too strong as time goes by (whatever it is you're missing). :-(((