Monday, February 25, 2013

House Exhibition

I've just found out recently about a house exhibition custom here in Finland. Apparently if one builds a new house, once the house is built (but before the owners start moving there), the house contractor and the owners will have a house exhibition day. The exhibition date and time (usually about two hours) is advertised on a local newspaper so that anyone who's interested in coming can come to listen to the contractor describing the house and anyone can ask about anything. 

I guess it's some sort of advertisement for the contractor. Then about a week or so after that (depending on the owners of course), they can start moving their stuff to the new house and they can start living there.

Something like this doesn't exist in Indonesia, so it was very interesting for me to find out about it. Housewarming parties are typical in both countries (Indonesia and Finland), though I haven't actually been in any either here or in Indo LOL!!! But at least I know that that kind of party exists.

How about in your country? Is this kind of house exhibition customary there, too? 

Seriously this warm weather is puzzling me. It's been over 0'C during the days for the past two days and the snow has been melting rapidly despite the fact that there's been no sun. Feels so weird that spring may just come much earlier this year. Oh well...


  1. Hi Amel,

    No, this is not a custom in my both countries. But hosting a party when you buy a new home can be - specially in Africa.

    It is a nice custom though cause that way the contractor markets himself and his work.


  2. Hi, Max!

    THANKS for sharing about the custom in both your countries. Yeah, it's a very interesting custom here indeed. :-)

  3. they really don't have house exhibition here, but what they do is when a young couple move to house or apartment, in the rural area (where I grew up)they would have a shivaree. So when the couple was in for the evening, neighbors would come between 7pm-9pm and at some point a group would be outside house and make noise. They would ring bells, and do other types of noise making. Then, when the young couple welcomed neighbors in, they would be given gifts (kind of like a wedding shower that they also do in the States).

    1. That's an interesting custom, Vince. THANKS for sharing! Never heard of that one before. :-)