Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3Doodler + Handicraft Lesson

I'm not really good making things (I feel more at ease writing stuff), but I still think this creation below is cool. 3Doodler. What do you think?

I remember when I was in elementary school we had a "handicraft" lesson and the teacher made us learn to create different things. What did I do? I got plenty of help from my Mom. I had no patience nor interest with that kind of lesson, whereas my Mom did. I remember at one point we had to make an Easter chick with wool. It's something like this: Easter Chick

I don't remember how old I was when I had to make it, but I remember getting some help from my Mom LOL!!!!! Even though I know that parents weren't supposed to help, but still I was stubborn enough to stop doing something if I didn't feel like it. 

I also remember having to make some "tapai" (peuyeum) in one class, but for some reason it didn't turn out too well, so my Mom told me to just buy some from a tapai seller and bring it to class LOL!! Each of us was supposed to bring our own homemade tapai and eat it together at school. The teacher asked us then if the ones we brought were our real homemade tapai (not bought) and I stayed silent. Sorry, teacher, but there was just no time to remake a new batch of tapai to bring to class he he he he...Ah, memorieessss! :-D 


  1. I like it. You don't have to be really, super skilled to make something nice. That's why I like glad to see friends or even my ex do things like that.

  2. Wow...looks so cool :D I am not too good with handicraft as well when back to school.