Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trouble Focusing

Lately I'm kinda worried about my own ability to focus on one thing. These days when I'm in front of the computer, it's SO easy to multitask. For example I'm writing a blog post or composing an email, and then suddenly an FB notification pops up and I'm tempted to click on it and respond before continuing writing my blog post or email. Other times I'm reading something online (or reading a Finnish book while using the online dictionaries) and again a notification for email or FB comment pops up and I'm tempted to respond to that first. Other times I need a break from reading something and then I switch to youtube (for example) or I'm doing something online and then someone sends me a chat request. These days I find that it's so easy to just jump from one thing to another without missing a beat. Am I the only one who feels this way, I wonder?

Mind you, I'm not even "connected online" through my mobile. I do get online sometimes when there's free Wifi on our holidays and while "doing my thing" in the upstairs toilet. I can't imagine how much harder it is to focus on something when you're also connected through your mobile 24/7 and then your mobile beeps whenever there's a new message. It gets easier and easier to get distracted these days. I wonder if in the long run this may cause concentration problems for the younger generation, because in the past there were less distractions and the pace of life was much slower. Even now I feel that I'm losing my ability to concentrate on ONE thing at a time. Gotta learn how to focus again (too much temptation LOL!!!).

P.S. GREAT news!!!!! A while ago I posted that a friend of mine may be having autoimmune disease, so she had a thorough check-up again and now she's been CLEARED from that first diagnosis. Another health issue of another friend's Mom has also been wiped away after a second check-up. SO HAPPY to hear these!!! :-D


  1. I got FB on both my mobiles tapi yg 1 mah kagak bisa dpt notification (and suka susah OL pula). Yg satunya dpt notif tapi da g ga aktif2 amat dan ga konek2 amat, jd ga terlalu mengganggu sih. The fact that g mah rada2 puagong jadi jarang ngerasa ga enak ati kalo ga ngucapin HBD dll tuh membantu juga kali ya :P Mun keur puagong ekstrim mah org nge add juga gua tolakin (walopun kenal :P), org yg bikin keki g delete without 2nd thoughts :P
    You are MUCH kinder jadinya suka berat di hati ya Mel... :)

    1. Well, I think one reason is that I have plenty of spare time...spare time to think...about anything. About my motives in posting something, about other people's reactions, about what other people post, etc. etc. etc. And I do think too much LOLLLL!!! THANKS for your kind words, Piot. I just want to be mindful with my words (esp. after IF), but I also don't want my silence to brought about something painful to others - among other things.