Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FB Detox: Withdrawal Symptoms

OK, a few days have passed since I deactivated my FB. The first wave of feeling that came was RELIEF!!! I felt a HUGE LOAD was lifted. Seriously! 

Then after that the withdrawal symptoms appeared ha ha ha ha ha...Whenever I read something good/funny, watched something good/funny, or listened to a good video/music video, the first thought that came up on my mind was, "Hey, I've gotta share it in FB." WHOOPS!!! Not anymore LOL!!!

Then another thing was missing the "attention" I got by receiving notifications in my inbox (I only opted to receive a part of the notifications that I should have got, not all) - whether it was a reply to my comment or a comment to any status update/photo that I had uploaded or someone sending me a PM. 

It's funny what you can really get used to in a few years, but there are many other aspects that I don't actually miss from FB and those aspects make me reluctant to activate myself there, though I know in the end I'll activate myself again just to catch up on those important people who've probably uploaded important photos there. But anyway, it's felt very quiet ever since I deactivated my FB profile and it feels so serene. :-D I enjoy the serenity so much.

I've been thinking about my burnout for the past few days. It probably felt a little bit like what Mel Gibson felt in "What Women Want", when he first started being able to listen to random women's thoughts after having been electrocuted. He was so overwhelmed by those voices. That was what I felt. Overwhelmed.

As an introvert, I thrive more on a one-on-one conversation than group chats. That's also why I enjoy working part-time at work and that's why I don't wish to work full-time at this kind of workplace because I get to see hundreds of people every time I work and that's exhausting for me. FB is a fun and easy way to connect with friends and relatives around the world, but that kind of connection also drains my battery. It's even worse than meeting strangers IRL (in real life) because you get to see/know many more things that you don't normally get when you meet strangers in real life. Anyway, just wanna let you know that I'm totally enjoying my FB holiday here. :-D

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