Monday, March 04, 2013

Childhood Memory: Pupa

When we were younger, a few times we found a pupa in the garden and we shrieked in delight. Then we picked the leaf carefully and set it inside the living room in a safe place where it wouldn't be crushed by anything. Being kids, at first my brother touched the pupa to see if it would move. It wriggled to the left or to the right whenever it was touched. CUTE, we thought. LOL!!!

I think at least we kept a pupa inside the house on four different occasions. One time for some reason nothing came up and we were so sad. We waited and waited and waited but no butterfly emerged. We don't know what happened and what went wrong in the whole process. We would check on the pupa every morning and every time we got back from school to see if something had happened. Fortunately on the other three occasions it was always a lovely surprise to see a butterfly flying around in the living room for a while before we chased it away gently to make sure it could find its way out into the garden. Fly free, little butterfly! Go out into the world and enjoy the garden of life! 

While trying to find out the kind of butterfly we had seen, I found this brilliant blog with time lapse videos as well as lots of close-up pics of the caterpillar, pupa, and butterflies. I think this is similar to the butterfly we had had in the past: The Tailed Jay.

Have you ever kept a pupa inside the house, too? :-D

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  1. Good blog tip, some stunning pictures. There's something very pretty about butterflies.