Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Thankful Heart

Yesterday a contractor came by our house to check out our roof. Last spring we noticed that it was leaking a little in some parts, but the timing just wasn't right. We contacted a contractor online (there's no local one) to visit us to give an estimate on the renovation, but he was in the vicinity during our holiday abroad, so we couldn't meet and he didn't contact us again afterwards. 

After that we tried to use an online calculator to get a rough estimate on how much it would cost and thought that it'd probably be better to start saving for that purpose before contacting another contractor. We figured that by now we should have more or less enough money for the renovation to commence without having to get another loan from the bank ('coz we still have to pay out our house loan each month anyway). 

Anyway, yesterday the guy measured the roof and checked out everything that he needed to check. It was tough to go up to the roof and measure the roof because there's still plenty of snow up there. After that, we discussed the options and he showed us the kinds of things that he'd do and stuff like that. When he was calculating the cost, I was really anxious and worried. I HOPED that it wouldn't be over budget he he he he...and my hope came true!!! I wanted to shout out in JOYYYYYYYYY right then and there, but I kept quiet LOL!!! 

After he left, R2 and I were both smiling happily 'coz we realize we can get a new roof without having to get a loan from the bank. 


It's gonna be interesting to see how the renovation is like (we were shown pics on what would happen) he he he...

Next project is saving money to change some of the old windows. Some of the windows of this house were still based on the original house design back in the 50's, so we want to change them as well because it's much easier to clean the new type of windows compared to the old ones. :-D 

I just want to THANK GOD for everything - for this house, for our jobs, for enabling us to save money...


  1. Good new you don't have to get a loan and it came under budget.
    Here's to your new windows!

    1. THANKS, Nikki! Yeah, now psyched to save money for the windows! :-)