Sunday, March 03, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby's down with a cold and he's been home. It's nice to have him home on my days off. :-D

2. Heard from MIL that FIL's gonna be transferred back to the original old people's home (which is closer to where she currently lives), so YAAAAAAAAAY for that!!! We're all unhappy with the temporary place where he's been taken to.

3. My yearly work evaluation went well. I'm pleased with the results. :-D

4. I've also caught some of R2's viruses. It's better to be sick now then during our winter holiday later. :-D

5. Taking care of hubby's fever by putting a cold compress on his head made me remember our honeymoon when he got sick two days prior to his departure to Finland. And now I have him all for myself here in our mutual home. What a journey it's been! :-D

6. I LOVE listening to Game of Thrones theme song and its variations (I can listen to them over and over again)...First one: the original one. Second one: a mash-up violin and rock version of the theme song. Third one: a rock version of the song. Each version gives off a slightly different feeling/nuance.


  1. I wish hubby better.
    Good news about FIL's relocation.

  2. Great lists, Amel. are going to holidays soon. Can't wait to see and hear your story :D