Thursday, March 07, 2013

Spring In The Air: Thoughtful Mood

Been feeling tired due to a cold. Arttu had flu last week and now he's having an ear infection, so he's still recuperating at home (they gave him antibiotics). Today the sun is shining so brightly. I read online that this winter (it's not spring yet here) we've had the least sunshine in many years. I remember that last year (Jan + Feb) we did have more sunshine compared to now and I've been in a thoughtful mood these days. Here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

1. Every time March comes along and the day gets longer, whenever the sun shines through the windows, I'm reminded of how the light exposes each speck of dirt. No matter how hard we try to hide the dirty parts, the light will always expose them. I suppose that's why there's "spring cleaning". When the light gets in, it's so easy to see the dirt and dust that has gathered during the dark part of winter and it reminds me to do a spring cleaning of the soul. :-D

2. Recently I've been thinking about the quote "You can't lose what you never had". In the past I sang the lyrics of a song with that quote in the middle of it without thinking too much, but now I realize that it's not true. You CAN experience loss even though you haven't had the thing that you wish for so much. Lost, broken dreams for example.

When you've been preparing lovingly for a dream, getting ready and doing everything in your power to reach the dream (spending time, money, effort), daydreaming about the day when you reach the dream and then one day you realize that the dream is shattered and your life will never be the same again, that the broken dream changes your life completely...that's when you realize that YOU CAN lose what you never had.

3. Sometimes in life we lose our way or we lose ourselves or both at the same time...that's OK as long as we keep striving to find ourselves and our way again. Just as they say: it doesn't matter no matter how many times you fall. What matters most is that you get up again each time you've fallen down.

OK, I'll end these thoughts with a light video of a cat named Boo he he he he...I just LOVE his big paws! :-D And he reminds me of my old cat 'coz he was also a ginger cat. 


  1. I agree with you about being able to lose something you never had. In some ways, a lost future is among the hardest things to heal from. Either way, I hope you're enjoying the extra sunlight!

  2. Oh yes, I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra sunlight, Elena! :-D THANKS!!!