Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wisdoms of the Light: The Sequel

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! The long awaited sequel of First Light written by the talented Michelle Frost has finally arrived. I bought the first book entitled First Light in e-book version, but this time I wanted to have an actual book in my hand and when it arrived, I was giddy with excitement! :-D Holding a book in your hand just feels different than clicking through pages with a mouse he he he...

Here's me posing with the sequel Wisdoms of the Light.

This is the link to the first book First Light.

And here's my review of the first book:

"The characters in this first book awaken so many emotions inside me. One character really pushes the wrong buttons in myself, another character makes me want to befriend him, another one makes me feel protective of her, another one makes me want to become his cheerleader, yet another one makes me feel frustrated with his many riddles. The story itself is compelling. I find so many parallels in today's world and in my own experiences when reading this book. It feels uncanny in a way. This book makes me want to see it in a 3D version, especially the part when she describes about Aerdas. My goodness it is so beautiful! At the end of the book, I was sighing in delight but I also felt a strong need to say that it wasn't enough. I want MORE and I want to know more about what is going to happen next! I'm glad that she has finished the sequel, so now I can continue the adventure."

You can read more reviews in the links I gave above as well as some pages of the books. I ordered the second book from because I didn't want to have to pay customs tax ha ha...If you enjoy fantasy/allergy books, then I HIGHLY recommend these books. :-D


  1. Looks interest book to read. I will click the link after this. I wish i have more time to be able to read a book :D

    1. I guess the books you've been reading these days are children's books, no?

    2. You are right. I am reading children's book for Matthew :D Jason can really good with reading this moment, so... he can read books by himself :D

    3. How COOL that Jason can read books on his own already. Great job! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. They need more exposure and I believe in them. :-D So it's MY pleasure!