Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bubble and Ice Crystals Photos

The other day I decided to experiment taking pics of soap bubbles when it was cold outside, inspired by these brilliant shots, but I had a hard time creating unbroken ones, because many burst out the second they touched the snow. I only managed to get two smaller bubbles and by then it was really tricky to take the photos because I was losing daylight already, but here are two photos anyway that came out decent. The other photos were all a failure ha ha ha...

Then I shoveled a little bit of snow from the ground and noticed very lovely ice crystals (the temperature was around -11'C). It was hard to have a steady hand to take these photos because I took plenty of photos already and I was wearing a thinner pair of gloves, so my fingers were getting cold (it got harder to press the button, also because I had had to look up to take these photos).

Oh, and almost forgot. I also noticed that my bike was covered with so many ice crystals. Here's one photo: