Friday, July 31, 2009

Surviving The Week + Infertility Blood Tests

Hi, people!

I've survived the week, though some days I got more tired than other days (my feet always get so sore every day 'coz I move around and stand so much). From today until the next 7 weeks, I'm going solo in cleaning the hotel rooms for 8 hours a day 5 days a week UNLESS there are many guests coming and then I'd get help from someone else. Well, at least I had told them that I WOULD NOT and COULD NOT endure any overtime work 'coz this type of work is so physical and they confirmed that I wouldn't be asked to do overtime. Well, that's a relief!!! :-))))

Wonder how much weight I can lose after this training is done HE HE HE HE HE...

Anyway, here's some update on my infertility test:

The doctor called me yesterday and told me about the blood test results. She spoke SO fast in Finnish so that I really had to concentrate hard, but at least I understood the gist. She said that all the results were fine EXCEPT for one hormone called "prolactin". She found that my prolactin level was high, so she ordered me to do another blood test just to test my prolactin level on a different day of the month.

Because the first blood test was done on my 2nd calendar day (the first calendar day is the first day of menstruation), she wanted me to come in the middle of my cycle. I counted and today would be somewhere in the middle of my cycle, though it's pretty hard to determine, since my cycle period varies from 31-43 days (the median range is around 35-37 days). So yesterday afternoon before I left home, I told my boss that I had to go to the lab today.

So I did...and they took two vials of blood from me this time. I didn't have to fast, but I had to be awake at least for 4 hours for one of the tests. So we'll see what the results are like. I asked the doctor what that high prolactin level meant. She said that IF the second blood test showed that my prolactin level was still high, she'd want me to go to a hormone therapy centre or something like that (not sure where it is in this village, though). Ugh...

I also browsed online to find out more things about this and I just try to prepare for the worst, hope for the best. :-))))

OK, now time to blog-hop a bit. I'll continue blog-hopping later he he...Shinta, THANKS in advance for the award!!!!

P.S. Forgot to upload a pic of cucumbers in my MIL's greenhouse. :-))))


  1. Hi. I am a prolactin researcher, but not an infertility specialist. I found your site through a daily "google alerts" I get on prolactin. I am wondering about the anxiety you are expressing regarding your possibly high prolactin. My understanding is that it is a very common cause of fertility difficulties and generally quite easy to correct. My research involves collaborations with both endocrinologists and obstetricians; so, feel free to send any questions my way and I will try to get you a truthful answer.

  2. Mehodsdon: THANKS SO MUCH for writing a comment here, but I don't have your email addy nor can I access your blog. Anyway, I'm anxious 'coz one friend of mine is diagnosed with PCOS. She took hormonal pills for a year and then she got pregnant, but she miscarried and she experienced she's trying again...I

    'm concerned 'coz I just don't know how big our problem is (if there is any) and how long it'd take for us to be able to have a child...I'm also concerned about taking hormonal pills 'coz they have side effects (I've browsed many sites concerning this)...but THANKS SO MUCH for your encouragement. :-)))))

  3. Mansikoita ja kurkkuja ja verikokeita. Mihinkäs on jäänyt pikku Ihme blogin päivitys ???? Mansikkakuvista päätellen ainaski kesäsi on ollut kiva !!!! Mun pihalla melkein kasvaa mansikoita. alapelolla on isän mansikkamaa. Hei, kuule mulla on yks laukku, jossa lukee jotain Kiinaksi tai joksikin. Mää laitan siittä kuvan blogiin ku kerkiän ja jos sä voisit kattoo että mitä siinä lukee. Mulla oli se laukku Barcelonassa ja se nauratti niin Kiinalaisia turisteja mutta mää sitte kirjotan sulle ku kuva on blogissa :) Hei, Hei ny ja Hyvää Alkavaa Kesäviikkoa !!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Amel,

    I am back, girl :D!

    So, you are taking fertility tests, eh? I wish you all the luck in the world (I'm rooting for you, you know that) :)!

    You are working in a hotel? That is so interesting!! How do you like it so far?

    It is great to see that you are doing fine! Keep smiling :D!