Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day for us. We went to my in-laws' place and heard the whole story from MIL. So on Friday morning she went to the room connected to the stairs towards the attic room, but she didn't smell anything. A couple of hours later, she went there again to do something and she smelled the smoke this time. I'm SO glad that she did and that it didn't happen when my in-laws were asleep.

Anyway, the bottom of the stairs had a door, so she opened the door and noticed black smoke coming from the attic room. She went up, opened the door's room and realized that everything was BLACK there due to smoke and soot. She quickly closed the door again so that if there were fire, it wouldn't spread.

She went downstairs to tell FIL and asked if she should call the fire department and FIL said yes while running upstairs to check it. The fire department asked how many people lived there, what type of house it was, what it was made of, and then told them to stay as far away from the house. Just as they were about to get out of the house, my BIL arrived (THANK GOD!!!). MIL said that he came just as if he was already "booked" to come at that exact time. His presence brought a HUGE relief for MIL. FIL joked to me the other day, saying that now he daren't go anywhere 'coz something always happens he he he he...

Anyhow, the fire truck came and they realized that there were no flames, so they didn't have to use the water. It was actually great, 'coz had there been flames and they had to use the water, it would have been SO SO SO messy. So they took out the culprit: the portable electric heater and opened one window to let the smoke out.

Here's a pic of the heater:

So yesterday R2 and BIL had to get most of the things in the attic room out and MIL had to sort out which could probably be saved and which that needed to be thrown out. Good thing that one window was open, so they didn't have to go up and down the stairs so much. They could throw many things out from that window. :-)))

Then they cleaned up the room and SIL and I helped MIL clean up some blankets and the three of us moved the blankets and mattresses to the shed. Many things would be thrown out of the house (or burnt later).

Anyway, in between I managed to take some they are...

What kind of flowers are these?

There they are, this time the pic was taken from a regular angle he he...

And here are some autumn colours...I didn't take many pics 'coz it was a cloudy day. I'm going to take more pics later (hopefully when it's sunny when I visit them again).

For comparison, here's a view of almost the same spot at the end of May (notice how windy it was):

OK, time to blog-hop. :-))))


  1. It must have been so frightening experience. Thank God that everyone are OK.
    By the way, I like the pic of the autumn scenery.

  2. Hi Amel,

    I am so sorry about these dreadful news! It must have been quite scary :(...
    But I am glad everything turned out all right in the end! :)

    Aww, this photos are absolutely lovely! Isn't Autumn just beautiful? :)

    Girl, I wish you and yours a fantastic week ahead :D!


  3. Thank goodness your family are okay Amel

  4. Yes, thank goodness everyone is alright!

    That yellow flower is lovely but I don't know what it is called.

  5. Lucky it didn't explode! Phewww... Love the autumn pictures. :) I think I have said this many times, but they are just so breathtaking. :)

  6. thank God they didn't have to use water! Sometimes the water damage from their firehoses is worse than the fire itself!!
    I love the picture w/ the fall colors. It reminds me of being in Wisconsin where the hills gave you a panorama of colors from all the trees turning colors.