Friday, September 11, 2009

Rather Shocking News

When hubby got home today from work, he told me there had been some fire in my in-laws' house, on the second floor (the attic). I was SHOCKED, so I asked him what had happened. Apparently his brother went for a visit today after work and while he was about to arrive there, the fire department truck was just leaving their house, so he was the one who called hubby to tell him the news. When he arrived, naturally my in-laws were shaking still.

I then sent messages to MIL via mobile phone and Skype and turned out that the heater upstairs was on. Anyway, after asking questions to MIL, it seemed that nothing was burnt except the electric heater, so there were so much smoke and soot up there that they had to open the window and the door to let it out. Phew!!! At first hubby said that everything was ruined inside that room, so I had this image of the whole room being on fire and I was scared that it might fall down on the first floor or something. Scary!!!

Can't wait to go visit them tomorrow. I hope nothing like this ever happens again.

Anyway, work-wise I've survived another week, though there was a day when I thought I wouldn't make it (good thing my boss told the office woman to help me out!!!). So only 5 weeks left. :-))))

I've told my MIL also that I want to learn knitting from her. Dunno if I have what it takes to do it 'coz one friend told me that she tried it and didn't manage to do it well (though she's more of a handicraft person than me!!!), but I'm going to try anyway. :-)))

Now time to blog-hop. Have a blessed weekend, everybody, and stay safeeeeee!!!


  1. I am sorry to hear about the fire, Amel. Good luck for learn knitting. Have a nice weekend too

  2. It's good to be reminded that we could lose everything. Then we can better appreciate all we have.

    I'm glad you have your mother-in-law. She sounds like a wonderful person.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Shocking indeed! Glad thing they were okay. If you have mastered the art of knitting, maybe you can sell your work online he he... just a thought. Anyway, good luck! :)

  4. Jul: Turned out there was no fire, just smoke and soot. Phew!!! I haven't learnt knitting yet...maybe later he he...

    Rita: Yes, that's true. MIL was thinking what she should take first if anything should happen to the house...she said she'd take medicine first. :-)))) And yeah, my MIL is a very nice, kind, and thoughtful person. :-))))

    CMG: Yeah, I'm glad they're fine. That's actually what I thought if I manage to master knitting, I can sell them online HI HI HI...THANKS, buddy! :-)))