Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping Ideas

Nope, I haven't actually written down a Christmas list yet, but a gift idea came to mind when I realized that my in-laws' coffee pot can't keep coffee hot too long anymore. What if we buy them a new coffee maker? I'm not sure what brand we should buy, though. I have to browse to compare and contrast first. Their current one is Philips coffee maker.

Speaking of kitchen appliances, I've also been thinking that we might need a blender one day, especially if there are kids later on. It will always be healthier to make some blended fresh fruit juice for them, don't you think so? I'd especially love to make avocado juice mixed with chocolate milk. Yum yum...

Speaking of shopping, the other day hubby has also mentioned to me about how nice it'd be to have a dishwasher. I understand why he wants to buy one, though I don't necessarily think we need one yet. After all, we've survived without one pretty well so far, but the idea of not having to wash your own dishes sounds tempting sometimes (especially on days when I've cleaned so many rooms in the hotel and I come back home not wanting to do any housework!).

Do you have your Christmas wishlist? Or have you started thinking what to give some people on Christmas? Or do you think it's still WAY too early to talk about it? He he...Call me crazy, but I just love planning ahead if I can so that I can avoid being stressed out when there's only a little bit of time left to think before the D-day. Everybody's different, though.


  1. Haha... we're both crazy, I guess! LOL!! I haven't made a proper list yet, but I do have some ideas... ;D