Saturday, September 05, 2009

Where Do I Start?

So many things to say, but I can't cram them in one post. Oh well...

First things first then. I've done 7 weeks of training. Only 6 weeks to go. YAAAAYYYY!!! I hope I can lose a little bit of weight before I fly to Indo 'coz I'm sure I'll gain weight when I'm there, esp. 'coz I haven't eaten any "real" Indonesian/Chinese food since last October. Yum yum...I'm drooling buckets already when thinking of all the food I can eat later he he...

Today my MIL gave me a pair of woolen "tossut" that she made herself. Here they are:

Aren't they cute? Maybe someday I should ask MIL to teach me how to do it. We'll see he he...

Here are two flower pics that I took two weeks ago. Last week and today rain came pouring down, so I didn't take any pictures. The good thing about the rain is that my MIL doesn't have to water all the plants she has outside, so she can rest. :-))))

One funny incident happened at work about a week ago. I had just finished cleaning one room when the boss walked along the corridor and spoke to me while walking towards me "bla bla bla bla bla...?" My brain was trying to absorb the "Finnish" words, but they sounded weird. Half a second later, I realized she was speaking ENGLISH!!! I was using my "Finnish brain", but she was using a different language, so I was flabbergasted for half a second.

She realized she wasn't speaking to me in Finnish when she almost finished her sentence, so she said to me in Finnish, "Sorry" and she translated her words into Finnish HA HA HA HA HA HA...Then I replied in Finnish, of course. I tried to speak only in Finnish at work, 'coz I really needed the exercise. One bad thing about this type of work is that I don't speak or hear too much Finnish, esp. when I have to work alone (there are days I work alone, there are days when someone helps me out).

Oh, and don't worry about my family who live in Indo. They did feel the earthquake, but fortunately nothing bad happened to them or my friends. Phew! I hope God protect them all and that help comes quickly for those in need.

Now I need to start doing something I've been wanting to do in a while. I'll blog hop tomorrow, OK? Have a blessed weekend, everybody! :-))))


  1. I love your woolen "tossut" :) Really cute.

    You must be soo excited about visiting home :) and about the training...I really need to stop being lazy and start with my yoga again :)

    Have a nice week Amelia!

  2. Hey Amelia, my girl!! :D

    Aww, those tossut are so cute!! Is it cold there already?

    LOL LOL you were in Finnish Mode when your boss was speaking to you, eh? That is good, it means that you are getting used to the language *proud face*!

    Thank God your family and friends are all right!

    Girl, have a magnificent week ahead! :D


  3. Love the cute tossut ;-) That's funny that your brain processes in Finnish now, I remember that happened to me when I spent some time in France. It's weird how naturally it happens, I even dreamed in French a couple of times.

    Glad to hear all your family is safe and well in Indo.

  4. Glad your family are okay.

    Love the tossuts!

  5. Your MIL is a great knitter, love the tossuts! Wow, they are very well done indeed.

  6. La Delirante: Yeah, I love 'em too! ;-D And yep, I'm SOOOOO excited about going back to Indo he he he...GOOD LUCK on starting with your yoga again. The start is always the hardest he he...You too, have a nice week, Wen!

    Max: Hi, girl! Well, we haven't cranked up our heater yet. Outside is around 10-12'C so it's rather cool inside. It's nice to wear those tossut he he he...

    And THANK YOU for your encouragement about my Finnish. :-D

    Fish: Indeed it's weird. I suddenly "didn't understand" English ha ha ha ha ha...I haven't dreamed in Finnish, though he he...

    The World According to Me: THANKS!!! Glad you like 'em too. :-D

    Mother Hen: Yeah...I should learn how to knit from her. :-D