Monday, September 21, 2009

Holi Holi Holiday!

Haven't had time to blog 'coz I had to work on Saturday. BUT that means I have today off HE HE HE HE HE...I first thought that we couldn't visit my in-laws on Saturday, but turned out I finished my job quickly, so we did manage to go there (albeit a little bit later than usual).

However, I forgot that on Saturdays they don't serve breakfast or lunch at the hotel, so I was DEAD HUNGRY when I went back home. That was also one reason why I worked as fast as possible (like a maniac, actually, running from room to room) - because my stomach started feeling painful. Ugh...oh well...

So what have I been doing today? I cooked spicy shrimp soup and then went to the open market nearby. Bought some chocolate/candies and some clothes and some winter socks. Yep, I spent a lot of money today, but at least I got plenty with the amount of money I spent ha ha ha...

Here are some pics of the open market:

Funny thing was that when I was at the chocolate/candy stand, I tried to look at the price first before choosing, and the guy talked to me in English HI HI HI...On the other hand, when I was going to buy the clothes and socks (in different stands), I asked them the prices in Finnish, so they talked to me in Finnish.

Here are some pics I took yesterday at my in-laws':

Me and dino egg HA HA HA...

And the other day I got more pics of Ken. Here they are (now he has 6 teeth!!! He'll be one year old next month):

My brother said that Ken loves taking a ride on the motorbike every day when my bro goes to work. The first time they did it, he had to be taken away at the end of our small alley and he cried. However, now he understands that he can only take a ride that far. Amazing how fast kids learn "patterns" he he he he...

OK, time to blog-hop nowwww...


  1. Open market!!! I love them..too bad we don't have them here. buset itu rumput kering kan? guede pisan!!!!

  2. Shinta: Yep, that's the "grass egg". Remember that I'm only 145 cm, though HE HE HE HE...but they're pretty big. :-)))) You don't have open market there? Maybe you should open a stand and sell Indo products/spices later on. Bring back as much with you as possible next year (next year wedding kan di Indo?)

  3. Wow.... you did FUN shopping at open markt :D

    Ken is grow up so fast isn't it. Is he can walk already??

  4. Fish: I did, THANKS! :-D

    Jul: Yes...I bought some pants for my Mom and chocolate/candies to bring to Indo and socks for us he he...

    Ken can't walk yet, but he wants to. He's learning to walk bit by bit. He loves holding my Mom's walking stick he he he...

  5. Love the open air market. I wish the sky was such a nice shade of blue over here. It's rarely blue, mostly grey!
    Ken is one cute kid.

  6. I love the market!

    Oh wow, Ken is growing up quickly. I can't believe it has been a year now. Well, it has been a while since you were in Singapore, so I guess it has been a year.

  7. Same here...I enjoy market more than mall.

  8. Oh cute boy Amel.. cant believe he is a year old already! x