Monday, November 21, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby lighting up the porch light for me whenever I have an evening shift so that it's easy for me to see in the dark when I get back home ('coz we get less and less daylight here).

2. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It arrived very late this year, but I'm SO happy to see it anyhow.

3. Snowy trees looking so hush hush when the temperature gets colder than -10'C. They look so beautiful. :-D

4. Saying something to two ladies that made them laugh - and in turn their laughter made me laugh, too!

5. Watching a funny JibJab video clip and then creating a similar one with our photos in it and laughing so much 'coz of it.

6. Plenty of belly laughs for no really funny reasons - the kind of laugh that makes your belly muscles ache and your belly fat jiggles up and down ---> Note: Sometimes when I'm really tired, I don't get cranky - but any little thing can make me laugh hysterically like that. :-D

7. Riding my bike in Winter Wonderland is quite a feeling.

8. Getting a little exercise by shoveling the snow in the yard. There's not too much yet, but I just need to clear up some snow to make it safer for me to ride my bike home at nights.

9. Waving to a customer who was in his car when I went past him by bike and he waved back at me with such a huge smile on his face. It's kinda weirdly nice to be friendly to people whose names I don't even know!!! But it doesn't really matter 'coz what matters most is that they're smiling back at me! :-D


  1. Hahaha! Those JibJab video clips are always soooo funny! I love them! =D

    Ohh!! SNOW!!! Hope we get snow pretty soon here too =)

  2. Jadi penasaran ama jibjab video clip hehehe... ntar browse ah :)

    Ih Mel, gua bbrp kali ngomen di post elu, tapi kok ilang ya, mgkn krn conn pas putus pas gua post comment kali :(

    Yah semoga yg ini lancar ke-post ya :)

  3. @Shinta: Jep...I laughed and giggled while watching it, but hubby didn't want to publish it for the whole world to see, so I only shared it with some group of selected people hi hi...Hope you'll get your permanent snow there too! At least until spring comes he he...

    @Piot: Loe udah bisa liat kaga itu video clip yang gua kirim? Linknya copas aja di browser...tinggal gonta-ganti kepalanya ama foto2 kalian hi hi...

    Oh, iya sih kalo conn putus pas loe post comment sih mungkin bisa menyebabkan comment ilang, tapi kebayang betenya...HUAAAAAAAHHHHH...moga2 ga sering kejadian deh...

  4. Lovely lists, Amel.

    We hoping we will not get too much snow this year. Cold and freezing is oke but not too much snow. It will be difficult for me bring Matthew around with buggy if too much snow :D