Friday, November 04, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem 2011

Last year I was skeptical with the whole idea of peace on earth. This year I'm not thinking about global peace, but more about inner peace and touching the lives of those near us. If I try to think of the possibility of global peace, I feel daunted and discouraged, but if I focus on inner peace and trying to uphold peace at work, in my household, in my daily life, I feel that it's something achievable.

Lately I've been reading Jean Vanier's books and they've struck many chords within me. Thus it's no surprise that my peace globe is inspired by one of his quotes. :-D

Vanier talked and wrote a lot about pain, brokenness, suffering and recognizing them within ourselves. Here let me quote something else that he wrote:

As we approach people in pain, they reveal to us our pain and brokenness. We are not an elite. We need help. We need the help of Jesus and of sister and brothers in community; we need to talk to wise, listening, and compassionate hearts who can help us to assume all that is broken within us and to find wholeness. We become free when we accept ourselves as we are, cry out for help, and use wisely all that we are to build peace. (A Rebel for Peace, page 134-5)

So let's join hands together for ripple at a step at a this vast ocean of life...:-D


  1. I think if we all thought about inner peace and to those directly in our life, the world would be a far better place.

  2. I really like the nice practical advice. You are right. World peace sounds too daunting & remote (especially when you think of a place as hopeless as Somalia). We can't do much about Mogadishu, but we can make ourselves appreciate what we want MORE, and be a little more accepting when things go wrong.

  3. Lovely! Yes, you can't look at "world Peace" - it's too big and it gets depressing. BUT... if you start with little steps, inner peace... it's something we all can manage.

    I really like your quote!

    Love and hugs

  4. @Michelle: (((HUGS))) Glad you enjoyed the post. :-D

  5. What a different post to last year :-) I totally small step at the time, one ripple, on smile...

    I always think back to the film, A year of living dangerously where Mel Gibson plays a reporter, who is befriended by this wise little guy, Billy (Linda Hunt)...they go out into the street and are surrounded by beggars. The reporter would go straight past, because he felt he couldn't make a difference, because there were too many poor. Billy gives out some coins, and says, "What then must we do? We must give with love to whoever God has placed in our path."
    That always stuck with me.
    Now I believe what you say. Give where you can give. Love where you can love. Be at peace with all those you can be at peace all counts!!

    Nice to see you again Amel!

    [A link to your post will be on my blog 'Peace Bloggers Unite' soon]

  6. @Annelisa: THANKS for sharing the story and for your comment and also the link in your blog. :-D

    Never watched the movie before, but I REALLY like the part that you told me about. :-D Yep...every little thing counts...even though nobody else knows about it, but God knows. :-D

  7. This is a completely lovely peace post and gorgeous globe. Thank you for blogging peace with us, Amel!

  8. @Mimi: MY PLEASURE to join in the cause, Mimi! :-D