Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Midnight Talk

Me: Did you ever feel like leaving me during our marriage?
R2: No, but I did feel like leaving the house sometimes.
Me: What do you mean?
R2: Sometimes when you get cranky I feel like I want to leave the house until you calm down.
Me: Then why didn't you ever leave the house when I got cranky?
R2: Because I'm gonna miss you.


Me: Did you ever get REALLY angry at me?
R2: Nope.
Me: Not even a little angry, ever?
R2: Nope.
Me: But I must've made you annoyed sometimes, right?
R2: Yeah, sometimes.
Me: HA HA HA HA HA...Okay, I can live with that. :-D

It's true that when I get cranky, I can get REALLY cranky, especially when I get too tired and I lack sleep and then PMS strikes and there are some things in life that go wrong for me he he he he...but because of his calm nature, because he never snaps at me when I get cranky, it's easier for me to want to control myself as best as I can when I do get cranky. And for that I'm SO THANKFUL.

Anyhow, yesterday just as the sun was about to set, I looked outside and saw a full moon and pinkish sky, so I quickly changed my clothes and rode my bike to the riverside to take some pics. Enjoy the pics!!! The temperature was about -1'C and yeah, there's no snow yet but there's some frost on the ground.

Unfortunately the pic with the full moon and pink sky didn't come out too well and by the time I took more pics, it was already getting darker, but anyhow enjoy the good pics he he...You can click on each pic to see a bigger view.

1st pic: As you can see, in this pic the sky was still pinkish ha ha ha...More often than not, the river's water isn't that calm, so only on some occasion when it's very still then you can enjoy this mirror-like feature of the river. It definitely has a calming effect on me. :-D

2nd pic: The other side of the river...yep, getting darker already...

3rd pic: A shot of the full moon from a different angle.

Last pic: I cropped out the previous pic to show the moon more clearly.


  1. Thanks for your sharing your midnight talk :D Really lovely photos, Amel. Hope you have time to see my post today :D

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Mel! Beautiful place too. *remind me of twilight though i never watched the movie hahaha is that weird of what*

    Awww ... he is so cute!!! :D Kayaknya kita sama yach, gw juga pernah nanya yg kayak gitu ke Hans hahaha

  3. Wow, your husband sounds a lot like mine, which is a great thing! Also, lovely pictures. It's not quite so frosty yet here in Lappeenranta. :)

  4. I love the first conversation, so sweet. You have a good one there.

    I can't imagine you getting cranky.
    I stress sometimes about stuff but Mark always calms me down, I wish I could be more like him.

    Love the moon picture.

  5. @Jul: Glad you enjoy the post and the photos. :-D

    @Shinta: Yeah, it was rare to be able to take pics when the river's water was like that - plus there was the full moon, so I just had to go out and take some pics ha ha...Loe juga pernah nanya gitu ke Hans yah? HI HI HI HI...Hi five!!! :-D

    @Elena: Yeppppp...thank goodness for hubbies like 'em. :-D The frost has gone away, btw, 'coz the temperature is still above 0'C during the day.

    @The World According to Me: Trust me, I can get REALLY cranky when I'm tired and I lack sleep and I've met not-so-nice people and if PMS strikes he he better get myself enough beauty sleep to avoid this hi hi...

    I know what you mean about wanting to be more like Mark in that area...Mark and you are a lovely couple. I can see how happy he makes you feel - and how happy you make him feel. :-D

  6. Lovely scenery. You're blessed with such a good man who's patient and loves you endlessly! Well, he's blessed to have you too :-)