Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Getting the best bday present ever from hubby: A LOVE LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or to be exact a love email he he...which I printed and reread. It made me cry today when I woke up and checked my mailbox he he...It was everything I could have hoped for in a love letter - and more! Oh, and it's in Finnish! :-D

2. A friend dropped by and brought a doughnut and a small candle and we had a nice chat over coffee and doughnuts. And she brought me a homemade gift and card as well! BLESS HER!!! What a perfect day!

3. A customer who had the initiative to take out somebody else's shopping cart that had been left inside the store to the place where it belonged.

4. Understanding and thoughtful parents and in-laws that don't ask or push us about giving them any grandkids once I explained to them our decision that two is a complete family and that we don't wish to try any treatment or anything else. They respect our decision fully.

5. Patient people that come along my way (including dear hubby).

6. People that don't take me to any unnecessary guilt trips about any topics at all (including parents, in-laws, and hubby).

7. My family have been enjoying their trip to Bali with SIL's family.

8. My Mom and Ken got sick "at the right time", so they were fine already before they were supposed to fly to Bali. That way they got to enjoy the trip fully.

9. Gorgeous pink sky.


  1. Love letters do make great gifts. Happy birthday! :)

  2. Lovely lists, AMel. I love all the photos from early post that you took. Cool, what kind a software that you use?

  3. @Elena: THANKS!!! :-D

    @Jul: Paint Shop Pro. :-D

  4. Another great post, I always think we should count our blessings and appreciate things in our life.

    Liking the sound of a love letter!

  5. Can I send CH over to learn from your hubby? :-)

  6. @The World According to Me: Yep, I can read it over and over and over again and still cry over it he he...

    @Ting: I told him this year I wanted a love letter and he did it. Maybe you should ask from CH as well? :-D