Monday, November 28, 2011

Early Birthday Cabin Trip

Last Friday we went to the cabin again 'coz this weekend R2 has to go to the city to have pre-Christmas office party. What was great about last Friday was that in the morning it was really gloomy and SUPER dark 'coz almost all the snow had melted. However, starting at around 2 pm it started snowing hard and it was rather windy, as well. A bit like a small snowstorm. It was great, though!!! The temperature's still very mild compared to previous years...

By the time we arrived at the cabin at around 4 pm, it was already Winter Wonderland. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! It was too dark to take pics then, though, so I only took some pics on Saturday morning. Here goes...

Question: How many ladders would it take to go up on the roof of the sauna?
Answer: Apparently four!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA...

I decided to play with the pic below so that it looked like I was going to go to the Gate of Light ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Last pic: Baby's POV hi hi hi...

I took the pics of me using my beloved tripod:

It's very light and handy, so it's easy to bring anywhere. I mostly just bent and wrapped the legs around a tree bark or branch he he he...


  1. Really nice pictures! It hasn't properly snowed here's been quite warm and rainy, with some occasional wet snow/sleet. I can't wait until it cools down just a tad. :)

  2. Love your tripod! I want one.

    Great photographs in the snow.

  3. @Elena: Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-D I can't stand wet snow and slippery ice...I'd rather have plenty of snow instead (even though it means lots of yard work to clear up the snow hi hi...)

    @The World According to Me: It only works for small and regular sized cameras, though. It won't hold a proper professional camera that's too heavy he he...And it's very cheap, only about 7 Euros (bought it from Lidl's).

    Glad you enjoyed the pics! :-D

  4. @Mrs. Rainbow: CHEAP too!!! :-D

  5. I like the tripod. Of course I love the photos too!

    Why so many ladders?

  6. @Ting: Glad you enjoyed the pics. I don't know why there are so many ladders. I think 'coz there used to be a cow shed nearby, they have plenty of ladders then and now that the cow shed no longer exists, it's probably just an easy spot to lean the ladders there he he...