Friday, June 01, 2012

Busy Like A Bee

The lack of real posts this week is because of the fact that I've been so busy at work. Two coworkers got sick this week and another one has started her summer holiday, so this week I have to work for 6 days straight (the first 3 days were full-time). Today would be my 5th day and after tomorrow, I can relax for a bit 'coz next week shouldn't be that crazy. Phew! 

Just wanna share a video clip again here ha ha...I'm gonna write more later on when I have time. Introducing some Indonesian artists singing "Heart You": Glenn Fredly, Sandhy Sondoro, and Tompi...enjoy it! Make sure you watch until the end of the song!

FYI: I can't find any album videos 'coz I read somewhere that this trio has decided that they would mostly only do live shows 'coz they're fed up with people pirating albums and singers that lip sync in live shows.

 Actually here's another fun song to listen to by this trio (Trio Lestari), Malam Biru (Blue Night):


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  2. Amel, your post reminded me of a post I wrote about a small place in Indonesia called Bunaken. It includes a clip of an Indonesian bar band singing in Finnish! Surreal! Check this out:

  3. @Olli: Yes, I remember that post of yours. I think it was one of the first posts of yours that I have ever read. :-))) I've actually never been to Bunaken, but intrigued to go there someday due to your post. :-D

  4. Here's to a relaxing week, busy bee. Will listen to the songs now.

  5. I'm glad to hear you finally got some time off! Good on you for being the dependable one who worked her butt off when it was needed most :)

  6. @The World According to Me: Actually it's been a busy weekend, as well ha ha ha ha...doh!

    @Katriina: There's really nobody else that can do that 'coz of the way they spread the schedule, I was the only one available that day, but anyway, I'm just GLAD it doesn't happen every week - otherwise I'll be burnt out. Yesterday I felt it was already too much to bear he he...