Friday, June 08, 2012

An 8-Year-Old

Been busy again, so though I have so many things I'd like to write, I haven't had time. Yesterday was the roughest day for me, because on Wednesday I had to work from 13.30 until 22.15 and then yesterday work started at 06.00 until 11.00. It was much shorter than Wed's shift, but on Wed night I had restless sleep and I couldn't fall asleep right away, so I ended up sleeping for only about 4 hours. Felt like a zombie he he...

And then I came back home after doing a little grocery shopping, checked my email, had lunch, and was preparing to take a nap when hubby's cousin's daughter rang the doorbell and asked if she could play here with me until her Dad came back from work. I didn't have the heart to tell her no, because a few months ago she wanted to play here but at that time we were both in my MIL's place, so she couldn't come.

The first time I met this girl was when she was about 2,5 years old. Here's a post I wrote about it: Where Did Who Go?

Anyway, the last time she came by to play here was sometime last year and I noticed some differences to then. This time she asked me many more questions and she paid more attention to some details in our house, whereas in the past she didn't pay attention to them. One thing for sure is that I'm now more equipped to handle her on my own, whereas in the beginning it was REALLY hard for me to be alone with her, as she didn't speak English and my Finnish was really limited he he...

There are some things that I found interesting coming out of her mouth, for examples:

- Are there cars in Indonesia? ---> This makes me wonder what kind of place Indonesia she thought Indonesia was ha I asked her what she had in my mind about Indonesia.
- I think Indonesia must be similar to Japan. ---> So I asked her what she thought existed in Japan.

- Well, I think there are camels in Japan.
- Is Finland a small country? What is the biggest country on earth? Is Indonesia a big country? 
- What kind of food do you eat in Indonesia? 
- Do you have children? ---> She meant if I had had my own children before marrying R2 (she knows we don't have kids).

These kinds of questions never came out of her mouth before. That's why I find it interesting. :-D I laughed when hearing that she thought there were camels in Japan (suddenly an image of a desert with lots of camels appeared in my head when I heard that) hi hi...then she said, "Camel (kameli) sounds similar to your name." Well, yeah, that's very true. :-D

And then we talked about school and holiday plans and we played Wii for a while (FYI, she said her fave "subjects" at school were recess, sleep time, and Finnish language he he he he...Anyway, while playing Wii, somebody called her mobile and I could tell that she was confused. I could hear a grown woman's voice talking so much...and I knew it must be a phone saleswoman. The girl kept on saying, "I don't think I'm interested."

When I asked her who had called her after she hung up the phone (it went on for a few minutes!!!), she said she had no idea. She also said she had no idea what the woman was jabbering about because she talked so fast and all she could pick up was "make-up this, make-up that" he he he he he...

Anyway, when she finally left, I was TOTALLY exhausted, so I went to bed right away and I slept for 3 hours (or a little bit over 3 hours). Woke up and still feeling like a zombie, so I decided to just watch movies and relax. Just didn't have the strength to do anything serious he he...
OK, now it's time to blog-hop...It's been rainy (at least no need to water anything in the yard HA HA...) and cloudy over here for the past few days and the temperature never rose above 15'C (actually it was more like 10'C max and during the night it's colder than that), but I'm sure it'll get warmer later on he he he he...


  1. I just love that bit about the camels! I can just picture herds of camels sauntering through Tokyo :)

  2. So there aren't camels in Japan? Katriina, say it ain't so!

    She sounds like a very funny kid. It's quite nice, too, that she's curious about you and your culture, even if she's working with some misinformation...;)

  3. @Katriina: Yeah, can't help having that image in your mind, eh? :-D

    @Elena: In the past it was harder for her to grasp the fact that I come from a land so far away from Finland. I remember her asking how far it is from Finland to Indonesia and she tried to compare it with the distance between here and Rovaniemi or something like that he he he he he hehhhh...

    Oh yeah, she's a funny girl indeed. :-)))

  4. it was so nice to read your post from the year 2007! I didn't know that you have been blogging for so long. Great!

  5. @Klara: Yeah, I started blogging when I moved to Finland 'coz I had so much time and so few things to do (and I still couldn't speak Finnish yet) he he he...

  6. @Amel: I think you are really very brave!

  7. @Klara: THANK YOU for your compliment. I just followed my heart. :-D If you want to read some of my old posts, click on "Featured Posts". :-D

  8. :D Great blog. Yeah kids..always LOTS of questions. It is nice that she feels able to talk to you and ask these things...

    Ohhhh...Amel the Camel...LOL..
    ...but please don't get the hump!
    Just chew the cud, my little bud... and I'll try outrun the thump!

    Sorry.. that tickled me...Animalia Amelia... :D Camel...LOL.. Well, perhaps the only Camel in Japan is the smoked version! Although now I have images of lots of Camel heads looking out of all the buildings in Tokyo!

    Camel...LOL... hahahaha... still got me! :D :D Oh, that one is not gonna go away, you know that right? Frogs and now Camels! :D

  9. @Mrs. Rainbow: OH NOOOEEEESSS!!! HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...WHY YOU LITTLE!!! :-D :-D :-D

    Maybe I should write a children's book called "Amel the Camel".