Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thought Mixes

Ummm...I have so many different things to say, so I'll just write them down in a list.

1. I do love face-to-face conversations, but I tend to thrive more on one-on-one conversation than a group conversation (this can also apply to phone calls/chats). That doesn't mean that I don't like group conversations. Not at all. It's just that one-on-one conversations have a different depth and focus compared to a group conversation. I've always felt like this from ages ago.

I have so many fond memories of group hang-outs with my closest friends back in Indo, but the thing is nowadays it gets harder and harder to match up the schedules, so I find that cyber talk with them is more effective in sharing our lives with one another. I know that some people who don't really like cyber talks and with them, it's by far more effective to have a face-to-face conversation.

2. I have a hate-and-like relationship with Facebook. There were a few times that I was considering stopping the use of it, but it's getting so hard these days, because most of my close friends and my brother and SIL find it easier to share the latest photos there. And it's also easier for me to share my photos with my bro (and Mom will be able to see them too) through Facebook rather than just bombarding his mailbox with so many pictures.

3. Yesterday we went to Kelujärvi with BIL and MIL because MIL wanted to plant some potatoes there (among other things that we did there). It was a gorgeous day. Had a morning shift and then after work the sun was shining hotly (almost no wind) at around 20'C. I got to sunbathe and at some points it even felt too hot for me that I had to go hide in the shades ha ha ha ha...

Walked down to the cabin area near the lake and take some pics. Watched two wild ducks far away in the middle of the lake and wished I had a better zoom to be able to take better pics of them. At one point they were calling each other and then they met in the middle for a little while. It was a lovely sight, though I could only see two black shapes without being able to see their original colours. There were SO many mosquitoes, though I was safe enough after spraying myself all over with Off (mosquito repellant). We ended the eve there by going to their wood sauna. Lovely! :-D

Here are some pics...first pic: Hubby busy preparing the ground to plant some potatoes.

Next pics are pics of the ducks:

Then pics around the lake area:

And other random pics:


  1. I know what you mean about Facebook -- I truly wish I could just delete it sometimes. I never have the heart to, though, because there are way too many people with whom I have no other means of communication. And I suppose that's just the way Facebook likes it; their business model is working. :/

    Lovely spring pictures. :)

  2. @Elena: Yeah, it was much easier in the beginning before I got "connected" with so many people through the site. Oh well...

    Oh, I consider the pics to be summer pics already. Lappish summer! :-D

  3. About FB, there are + and -. I do have two account FB. One for business and one for friends/family/closest friends. But the last acccount, I don't check it regularly than the first account for business :D

    Amel, I really love your shots. Beautiful shots around the lake.

  4. beautiful photos.
    And handsome hubby!

  5. @Jul: I only have one account he he...

    Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-D

    @Klara: THANK YOU!!! :-D Have a splendid summer!

  6. Your photos are amazing, as usual! The Finnish summer really is something special, particularly as far north as you are. My husband's family is from a small town near Oulu, and one summer we went to his grandparents' mökki in Taivalkoski. I will never forget the endless days, and the exhilarating feeling of being out on the river fishing in the still-bright 10pm light. Everything was quiet and still and yet so full of life and energy.

  7. @Katriina: Glad you enjoyed the pics. I LOVE that place so much. It's a shame that my in-laws don't live there anymore. Unfortunately after that sunny hot day, it's been rainy and gloomy here. Here's to hoping for better weather the rest of the summer! :-D