Friday, June 15, 2012

Real World Talk vs Cyber World Talk

Yesterday I had great fun meeting friends and then afterwards some of us continued "chatting" through Facebook. Comparing the real life meet versus the cyber world "chats" (may be in the form of emails, the use of any type of messenger to chat or through Facebook messages) is interesting because time and time again I'm reminded of how "effective" cyber world communication can be compared to real life talk.

In real life when you meet friends, you get distracted by so many things and sometimes when you want to talk about certain things, those things get pushed to the sideline due to many factors. Maybe it's because the other engaging topics dominate the conversation or before you have time to address the things you want to talk about, time has run out. 

I find that when two or more people are focused in their cyber conversation, it's really much more efficient than real life chats when they meet. I guess the same thing applies to blogging, as well. When you have a "conversation" with other bloggers, you can read everything peacefully (provided that you're not in a hurry, that is) before you respond to the blog post (again, provided that you do want to respond to that post). However, in real life talks, esp. in a big group of people, sometimes even before you get to respond, something else comes up that distracts you, so you never get a chance to share your POV. 

I also find that sometimes it's easier to share things through blogs or writings (emails, text chats) compared to face-to-face talk. Maybe the topic is so tender or tough to broach upon or maybe you're worried about the other person's reaction before hearing the WHOLE story (which that person can read in peace without being able to respond in the middle of the story). 

I still prefer "chatting" through emails/blogging compared to chatting in chatrooms or any tipe of messengers. Facebook messaging system is quite handy, too, for those who are active there (it's also handy to send invitations to different events - provided that all the participants log in to Facebook regularly). Chatting in chatrooms (or via some type of messenger) is kinda hard to do when there are so many people involved who are really active because sometimes someone's internet connection may be slower than the rest, so it makes it harder for that person to follow the conversation in real life 'coz of the delay in getting the messages from the other participants. 

I can imagine those who are more people-persons would prefer real life meet much more compared to "chatting" via the internet (emails, chatrooms, messengers, Facebook, blogging, etc.).

I think cyber world talk has its own merits that real world talk is lacking, esp. when you have friends who are really busy juggling family life, career, friends, hobbies, etc. I'm THANKFUL for the cyber world who has allowed me to:
1. Meet the love of my life.
2. Keep in touch with my closest friends who live in different cities/countries.
3. Get to know so many lovely blogger friends.

Btw, yesterday was the first time I grilled on my own 'coz R2 was out of town. Here's a pic of the pork satay I made (they were not done yet):

And here's a pic of the blue sky above me (the temperature was about 18'C with cool wind blowing at around 4 pm):  

We still haven't had really hot days like last year. There was one year when it got as hot as 26'C at the end of May or early June, but this year they say it's the regular Lappish summer (it seems)...but I hope there'll be more warmer days later on. :-D Have a wonderful summer, people!!!


  1. Me too! I prefer writing than talking face to face (well, except with Hans hhaha can you imagine if we talk through FB chat? He on his side of the bed, and me on mine. LOL!!!).

    Sate babi!!!!! ARGGGHH mau donkkk *lempar ke sini*

  2. ...referencing the comment above..... Actually, chatting with your partner that way, can be quite 'invigorating'.... LOL.. if ya get my drift!! :-P

    I like to meet up with you either way Amel. You know I am a people person! :D It was a bit quick though wasn't it...

  3. I do love one-on-one contact at times, but I have met tons of people, as you have, via the intertubes. In short, I agree. :)

    Oh, and the pork satay looks very appetizing!

  4. Hmmm yummy pork satay, mix with some peanut sauce yum yum...haha... Anyway, sometimes I do prefer writing, but it depends on how quick I want the answer or there are times when I don't feel like talking, I woud ask the other party to check her/her inbox for more details on our topic of conversations because in this way I can focus more explaining things one at a time without any interruptions hehehe...

  5. I also met the love of my life online :)
    So - I love internet !!!

    And - I met so many wonderful infertility-buddies online. I just can not imagine my life without you!

  6. @Shinta: LOOOLLL!!! Well, I still love meeting face-to-face, but the older you get and the busier your friends are, it seems that talking through emails is actually more effective.

    @Mrs. Rainbow: Oh yeah, we chatted a lot back then during our long-distance relationship he he he...wanted to do it more regularly if not for the crazy phone bills I had to pay he he...

    THANKS, Michelle, I LOVE talking to you face-to-face or online or on the phone he he...Yeah, the meeting last time was a bit too quick he he...

    @Elena: I actually thrive on one-on-one conversations compared to group conversations he he...:-D

    @CMG: Yeah, I added some peanut sauce, too...and chili sauce! :-D You're right about wanting answers for important/urgent topics. :-D

    @Klara: NO WAY!!! You too? I didn't know that he he...I'm also SO GLAD I "met" you. :-D Who knows in the future we'll meet in real life, too. :-D

  7. Good post, I was actually thinking of writing one about real world verses cyber world. It's great to be able to keep in touch via the net. And three cheers for blogging and the friends you make through love of writing.
    Wishing you a happy summer.

  8. Here's a good article with a different perspective. I think it makes some very good points. Even though I enjoy meeting and communicating with people online and such, I can also relate to the "performance" aspect that it discusses.

  9. @The World According to Me: I'd love to read your take on this topic. Have a happy summer, too, Nikki! :-D

    @Elena: THANKS SO MUCH for the link! Very interesting read. :-D The "performance" aspect is something I've felt recently, as well, esp. after some friends asked me to use WhatsApp to chat...that's really exhausting!!!

    One of the reason I haven't been using my mobile to connect is because I don't think I can handle the "performance" pressure. It takes so much time to be "connected" all the time and I prefer to focus on certain groups of people only with more depth rather than random talks.

  10. I didn't meet the love of my life online, but we did spend a year living in different countries early in our relationship, and I honestly think that having to rely heavily on email for communication (no skype or cheap international phone calls back in the 90s!) brought us closer together and helped us learn more about each other than we perhaps would have otherwise...