Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Looking at these breathtaking pics of Hang Son Doong cave. Just amazing!!!!

2. Raking the leaves together in the yard while it was rather warm and not raining.

3. Talking about old crushes with my closest friends and laughing so much in the process.


4. A hare eating right in front of our yard. It hasn't completely changed into its summer fur yet, though I can see some brown spots here and there.

5. Laughing till it was so hard to breathe and my cheeks/jaw became so sore in the process.

6. The temperature at the moment showing close to 20'C and there is some sun despite a cloudy morning.

7. Being verbally appreciated.

8. Restful sleep.

9. Flower buds in our garden. :-D

10. Triple chocolate ice-cream, eaten with fresh strawberries. :-D

11. The first part of my summer holiday is coming SOON and I'm SO excited!!! :-D :-D :-D


  1. Nice lists, Amel. In here, the temperature is going up too but last week and this week we have lots of wind and sometimes raining :((

  2. Ah, restful sleep is something I haven't gotten in a while. I'm jealous, but very glad you're getting the rest you need. Makes life easier!

    What do you plan to do on your break?