Sunday, June 10, 2012

BBQ Time!

Finally today the sun was shining for a few hours, so we went out to try our bigger grill. Last year I bought a small baby grill, but it was tough to use to feed many people. It was good enough for the two of us, but when my Indo friends came over last summer and we had a BBQ party, it took a long time to cook the food ha ha ha ha ha...

While enjoying the food and the sun, I noticed a squirrel high up on a tree nearby. It was rather small, so at first I didn't even notice it, so I ran inside to grab my camera and managed to take a few pictures. However, soon enough it realized that I was taking pics, so it ran away. :-( I miss the brave squirrels in my in-laws' barn when they still lived in Kelujärvi 'coz they dared to be near us without running away he he...Oh well...

Here are some more old squirrel pics/videos taken in Kelujärvi: 

First pic: the salad, waiting for the sausage to be done he he...

Second pic: The squirrel before it started noticing me and then ran away. Boooohoooo!!!!!

Anyway, it got cloudy after 3 pm but now it seems that it's getting sunny again. :-D I hope this week will be better than last week's rainy and cloudy weather, 'coz I have a busy week full of activities!!! :-D Have a blessed weekend, people!


  1. I love squirells!
    It is nice to see that you are enjoying yourself! It it important - just to enjoy in the every moment of happiness that we can.

    My Sunday was also nice - just returned from a long walk with DH & dog.

  2. @Klara: Yep, nice to just relax and enjoy the sun outside with hubby (and the squirrel). Good food, great company. :-D Glad to know your Sunday was lovely, too! :-D

  3. That squirrel photo is fabulous! Great work!!! I've never managed to take a successful photo of a squirrel. They are so nervous and move so fast. In every shot I've ever taken, all you can see is a small reddish-brown blur... :)

  4. @Katriina: THANKS. Not my best squirrel shot, but I got lucky 'coz it was high up on the tree and at first it was too busy munching on the food, so it didn't realize I was there. I REALLY miss the tamer squirrels in Kelujärvi 'coz they allowed me to get closer to them to take better pics. :-D