Thursday, February 14, 2008


Since Valentine's Day has been too commercialized, let me just use the Finnish version of it as my post title he he he he...

Last night I tried putting my mobile on silent and as a result I missed my Taebo session, since the darn mobile didn't ring at all. As you all know, hubby bought me a new mobile as a X-mas gift and I had never put it on silent before. Why did I put it on silent during the night? Well, the other night a friend of mine in Indo sent me an SMS in the morning (around 3 am Finnish time), so we both jolted up and woke up for a few seconds because of that. Well, I don't think I'll ever put it on silent again after this morning. Or maybe I should read the guide book to find out how to customize it.

Anyway, this morning in class my Brit friend MC gave me a Valentine's Day postcard.


She picked the one with a picture of a CUTE cat, since she knows how crazy I am about cats HUA HA HA HA HA HA...The postcard is displayed proudly on my book shelf, right next to the card from Crystal and the postcard from Juliana RW. *grin*

When my class almost ended, I was thinking of buying some pepper steak from the supermarket and cooked them in the oven. However, when I checked the price, I changed my mind. 300 grams of pepper steak cost €8.50. I decided to buy some pepper steak from a nearby grill resto instead. After all, only by paying €10 I could get two portions of pepper steak complete with french fries and fresh salad on the side. I called hubby first to make sure if he wanted some and he said yes since he hadn't eaten anything during the day.

I arrived home at around 3.15 pm and couldn't hold back my hunger, so I ate right away. Hubby only came home at 4 pm and he ate right away. He finished it all. I still have half of it left he he he he...Then hubby thanked me and hugged me REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL tight. Yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

For dessert we had some chocolate pudding (he bought some from the supermarket yesterday - he bought the kind that I LIKED so much he he...). Then I told him that it was a cheap date and he agreed HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Today has been a nice day, even though it's SO windy. And the period of darkness has been slightly shorter. I notice that in the mornings it gets light earlier and it gets dark a bit later than usual. ;-D

Okie dokie, gonna blog-hop some more and then do my homework. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early to do my Taebo he he he he...HAAIIIYYAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

P.S. Do you know that I've never received any flowers in my entire life? HE HE HE HE...Last year's Valentine's Day I bought myself some roses since I thought, "Well, I can buy myself some flowers if I want to, so why not? Let's make me happy!" And I didn't only make myself happy by buying some flowers. I also made Mom happy since she loved having 'em in our living room HA HA HA HA HA HA...

And here's one joke for you he he...


  1. Thank you!

    Love ya,


    You will be the first to know the special surprise for my husband.

  2. I also don't cook today, Amel. Lazy hi hi hi hi... I just bought 2 pizza from the supermarket. And now i wait my hubby back home. Jason and i just back from "konsultasi biro".

    Jason now 10,9 kg and 81 cm wow...i am suprise you know. Because last month at 08-01-08, Jason 10,2 kg and 77 cm. fast he grow. I am happy i did give the right foods to him ^___^

  3. If you start an indoor garden, you will have flowers everyday :)

  4. Cheap or not, what's important is you're together. We had a cheap date too. We spent valentine's day at home with the kids and ordered 2 boxes of pizza.

    Re: Flowers. I never received a single flower from my hubby too. When I asked him why, he said he wants me to be different from all the women in his past, hehe. ;)

  5. Hi Amelia,

    I loved your version of Valentines: it is much much better, believe me lol ;D!
    The commercial one gets on my nerves; cause I start thinking of those who don't have a boy/girlfriens and how this day makes them feel left out; know what I'm saying? *nodding*

    When you silence the phone it won't ring for the at home we all have cell-phones each one its brand and they all work the same way *nodding*...

    LOL LOL LOL I loved the joke LOL LOL!


  6. Sharing the day, any day, with your loved ones is more important than anything else.

  7. ystävänpäivä? man i don't even want to try pronouncing that!

    happy valentines day!

  8. Your Valentines Celebration might be cheap but it is also very definitely SWEET!!!

  9. Amel, thanks for coming to my celebration.. :-) I went to SD Maria Bintang Laut (waringin) and there was bali dancing extracurricular at that time.. I really like traditional dancing, once I dance tari minang as well.. hehehe.. but I forgot that already.

    Yes, now you know I love stage very much... so contradictory from you, isn't it? hihihi... but I guess we still can be friends hahahaha...

  10. Ha ha ha... The cartoons cracked me up... LOL!! ;D

    Thanks for the mention and for displaying my card on your book shelf, Amel. That's so sweet and the glitter-graphics is very cute hi hi hi...

    Anyway, a cheap date?? Nahhh, the precious moment that counts. ;D To me, flowers or no flowers, I'm good, but if I receive flowers, they can really make my day because they are just so beautiful. I love Mother Hen's idea. ;D

  11. hahah.. finally got that black pepper steak eh...good for i'm craving for some....lolzz

  12. Frasy: Sweet? THANKS for your compliment he he...;-D

    Lori: UR VERY welcome. Can't wait to read it he he he...

    Jul: HA HA HA HA...lazy, eh? I understand. WOW, Jason grows very fast indeed. You must be very happy and proud. ;-D He's a lucky boy he he he...

    Mother Hen: THANKS for the tips he he he...I may try it someday. ;-D

    Liza: Yes, that's true. I actually liked it that it was cheap 'coz it was my money HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    So your hubby doesn't give flowers, too? Interesting! ;-D

    Max: Yeah, I know...calm and peaceful hi hi...You're right about thinking of those people who don't have special people on Valentine's Day.

    When it comes to mobiles, when I still used my old one (Nokia), it rang for the alarm even though I put it on silent he he...

    Glad you enjoyed the joke.

    Sindi: Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

    Blur Ting: That's true. One must remember that one can't live forever.

    Jay: LOL LOL LOL!!! It's not that hard once you know how to say it hi hi hi...Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

    WaterLearner: Yup, that's true!!! ;-D

    Trinity: UR welcome. WOW!!! You also studied other types of dances? COOL!!! I'm not a good dancer and I don't like the stage, so yes, we're totally different, but we're definitely friends he he...;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Glad you liked the joke he he he...

    And yes, I love browsing images in glitter graphics, esp. the cute ones hi hi hi...

    Yep, as I said earlier, I liked it cheap since I was the one paying for it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    And I know what you mean about flowers. Yeah, Mother Hen's idea is fabulous! ;-D We'll see about it, though. My cactus is still not blooming now he he he...

    LadyJava: YESSSSSS, FINALLY!!! ;-D Now you're craving for some? HI HI HI HI HI HI...Gotcha! ;-D

  13. Hey Amel, love the post as usual. Hope you've sorted out that new phone. I always turn mine off at night as phone calls or texts at night always worry me that something has happened. Great Ark cartoon. Have a lovely weekend. Fish x

  14. Fish: Glad you enjoyed it. Well, I kept it on last night so I could wake up early this morning to exercise he he...

    Have a lovely weekend, too! ;-D

  15. We turn off our phone at night because sometimes people call the wrong number and it makes my hubby mad if it wakes him. But we use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning so we don't have to depend on the cell phone.
    Happy Valentines Day to you!

  16. Hey, buddy! I hope you didn't get me wrong about 'cheap'. What I mean is, it doesn't matter whether it's cheap or not, but what matter most the precious moment that you're together. ;D

    Happy Weekend!!! :)

  17. Kathy: We also have an alarm clock, but the sound is more jarring than using our mobiles to wake us up. Plus it's more handy if we're going to wake up at different times of the day.

    Choc Mint Girl: Hey, DON'T WORRY he he he...I know what you mean!!!! ;-D