Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Shortie

Hi, everybody!

I'm back, kicking and alive, but still feeling a tad tired. I'll only write my story later tomorrow, I think. Good thing that the course's off this week due to school holiday. I have plenty of stories to tell. However, bad thing is that I didn't manage to capture many good pics 'coz we were on the road all the time and the weather was bad (it was hard to take pics from inside the car, too). It was raining all through Sunday (almost non-stop even though we passed by different cities) and then it was SO foggy partly through Monday. Plus we didn't stop long enough for me to take as many pics as I wanted.

We left home at around 8 am on Sunday and arrived in Pori at around 9 pm (we stopped by to eat at some restaurants on the way as well as for pee breaks). Then we slept at around midnight and woke up at 6 am and then we left Pori THAT early. The fog was unbelievable at that time. We made a few stops again along the way and we only arrived home at around 8 pm.

What made us feel SO tired is the fact that other than the long trip back and forth, on Friday evening we went to bars with my hubby's brother and girlfriend and we only came back home at around 4 am. Then on Saturday we woke up at around 10 am and left to my in-laws. There we didn't manage to catch any nap and we came back home at 7 pm already, only to pack and sleep.

One thing I'd love to tell you is that Friday night was the FIRST TIME I danced on the dance floor with my hubby...well, I had a slow-dance with him once, but not fast dance...this time I also did fast dances with him plus slow-dances and I could see how happy he was. I'm telling you that I've NEVER done it before in my life and I've always been a shy person he he he...but seeing his eyes lit up when he looked at me as we danced...it was truly a moment to cherish! I'll tell you more tomorrow. Today I'll just visit my blogger friends' blogs and upload pics and videos so that tomorrow I can copy and paste the codes.

I'm gonna relax the rest of the day...my body's still in grave need of rest. After having sat down in the car for 24 hours...it feels SO good to be able to stretch he he he...

Anyway, the trip went find (gladly) despite the weather, but when I checked my mailbox this morning, there were 40 emails already. Oh dear!!! I was SO swamped he he he...so I'm gonna take it easy today. Sleepyhead me is still a bit light-headed here he he...Hope you're all well and you've had WONDERFUL weekends, everybody!!! CU later!

P.S. To those of you who haven't noticed, I've put up a chat box on my sidebar, so if you wanna say anything to me, you can write there, as well he he he...


  1. Yeah! WElcome back, glad you had some fun and excitement despite the weather and that you got great enjoyment in learning new things about your hubbie!



  2. Yeah! WElcome back, glad you had some fun and excitement despite the weather and that you got great enjoyment in learning new things about your hubbie!



  3. Hi Amel, welcome back. Looking forward to hearing all about you trip. Fish x

  4. Vic: Yeah, glad the trip went well and yeah, we had fun on the dance floor he he he...Now time for me to take a nap. My brain's going SUPER slowly right now. CU soon!!!

    Fish: Hi!!! Yeah, I'm gonna try to write about everything tomorrow. It's gonna be a LONG post ha ha ha...

  5. Again, welcome back!! :D

    WoW, your first time doing the fast track with your hubby...that was one special moment.

    Anyway, I am so glad you're back, Amel ;). Can't wait to see your pics and read your post about the long distant trip.

    Have a good rest!!

  6. Hey Buddy!

    Welcome back! Was surprise to see your shout and comments in my blog just now. Thought would be only able to see signs of you tomorrow ** Chuckles **.

    Rest Well my friend. Hey, you really enjoyed the dance huh? I am happy for you.

    You owe me pictures! Lots of them.

    Sleep well dear!!

  7. Wow, that is a long drive. We went to Balmoral castle on Saturday. It was a 3 hour drive there, 3 hours back.. my rear end felt *NUMB*

    Welcome home and you certainly sounmd like you had an interesting time! I enjoyed reading your dancing story. That was very sweet of you to dance to make your husband happy. :-)

  8. Sounds like a rather tedious experience…on the other hand what kind of music where you dancing to?

  9. I'm glad you're back. I missed reading your blogs.

  10. There certainly some late nights and hot partying going on :)
    Well you're back safely despite driving long distance without much rest, so that's important.

  11. Hey Amel...

    So nice to have you back!

    And, glad you had a nice little break!

    Funny how we go on vacation and then need a rest when we get back! LOL!


  12. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I actually enjoyed dancing fast tracks with hubby he he...surprise, surprise!!!

    Water Learner: Yep, I'm gonna post pics later on he he...

    Michelle: Yeah, my back was in pain after 24 hours in the car he he he...but still it didn't match what I felt during the flight here last March. It took me 30 hours to get to this village...tsk tsk tsk...

    Livingsword: Yeah, it was tedious indeed. What kind of music? Hmmm...dance music...I don't know the songs 'coz they're mostly Finnish songs he he he...

    Kathy: I missed reading yours too!!!! ;-D

    Mother Hen: Yep, hot partying indeed! ;-D YIIIHHHAAA!!!!

    Jennifer: LOL!!! You're SO right. It's ironic, isn't it? ;-D

  13. Glad to have you back! What a long drive but pity the poor weather condition... must be even more tiring having to concentrate on the road.

    It must feel so special dancing with your hubby. Withhim, you shouldn't feel shy at all, so the dance must be really enjoyable.

    Have a good rest and tell us all about your trip later!

  14. Blur Ting: Yeah, it felt SO special indeed to dance with him. Last summer I couldn't do it, though. I could only do the slow dance, but this time I was relaxed enough to do the fast dances, too he he he he...I had promised myself that the next time I had a chance to do fast dances with him, I would...and thus I'm SO HAPPY 'coz I did manage to fulfill that promise to myself! ;-D