Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Training Tidbits Again

I've been so tired again since yesterday that I just "dropped dead" on bed when I got back home and hubby had to wake me up since I kept on sleeping HA HA HA HA HA...so I haven't had time to blog or blog-hop!

Here are some interesting tidbits from my office:

1. One person sent a snail mail and asked for a free T-shirt and other free goodies from our office. That person also asked us to pack it neatly, but the package mustn't be bigger than a certain size, since then the government of the country would charge some taxes to the receiver of the package.

Another person sent an email, asking for a free Sodankylä pen or goodies. We are sometimes shocked when getting this type of request, since it's perfectly crazy to ask for such a thing!!! I mean, it's one thing to ask for free brochures, which we'll definitely send them freely, but asking for free T-shirts and pens and other goodies?!?!?!?! Come on!!!

2. The other day one guy came over to ask for directions, then he got back to ask us what "terva" means. "Terva" means "tar" in English. And then he asked us what tar was made of and why it was good for skin. Since both of us didn't know any better (he wanted sufficient answers), I decided to look it up at Wikipedia instead HI HI HI HI HI HI...

NOW I know what tar is made of and why Finnish people sometimes use it in saunas!!! ;-D THANK GOD for the internet!!!

3. Yesterday was the slowest day ever in the entire time I had my training there! During the six hours I was there, only TEN people came by, can you believe it?

If handling one person only takes 5-10 minutes, imagine how much free time I had!!! This is definitely a VERY slow season. I noticed from the guest book that in the beginning of July, the highest amount of visitors in a day was 166.

4. One person asked me, "Is there a Teddy farm in this are?"

I asked back, "Teddy?"

She couldn't come up with a different word for the "teddy" since obviously English wasn't her native tongue, but I thought that she meant "bear" from "teddy bear".

I asked back, "You mean bear?"

She laughed and patted my arm, "YES! Yes, that's what I mean! So, is there any?"

I was slightly confused on what to answer, since who would raise bears?!?!?!?!?!?! Or maybe she thought that the bears here look like Pandas or something? Still it was a funny occasion hi hi hi hi hi hi hi...

5. I showed my wedding pics to my coworker and another person who worked in the same building (different sector than us) came by and when she looked at the pics, she said to me, "Your husband looks familiar."

When I told her where my husband worked, she said, "No wonder he looks familiar! He's been fixing the computer in our office!" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

After working in his current company, hubby's been pretty "popular" in terms that he's been around so much, fixing computers in different offices and schools, so that many people have at least met him more than before he he he...

Okay, time for me to COOK!!! I'll blog-hop tomorrow, OK? ;-D Take care, everybody!!!


  1. Funny that she knows your husband! There's a theory that everyone's only separated from anzone in the world bz six people... or some such LOL And... Wikipedia can always save the day! :D

  2. Eh, I'm a typo queen... it was supposed to be 'separated from anyone by six people', of course :)

  3. Hey, interesting bits from your office.

    The cheek of some people, asking for freebies and asking you to pack them neatly!

    That's funny about the teddy farm!

    And your husband sounds a very handy sort of chap with computers!

  4. Always gets me how many people have this sense of entitlement and think other people have to pay much for their goods, therefore they can give it away. Those people are probably the stingiest folks around.

    "If it's free, it's for me."

  5. Bitter Chocolate: Ah, yeah, Six Degrees of Separation. I've also heard about that theory. Fascinating!!! ;-D

    The World According to Me: Yeah, if I'm ever in trouble with computers, I just need to shout and ask for his help HA HA HA HA...

    74wixygrad: Yeah, I was really shocked when I read what they wanted! Tsk!

  6. all the bear has the name "teddy" hehehehe :)

  7. Thanks for the interesting tidbits. It's nice knowing what goes on elsewhere in the world. And wah, you are married to a famous man!

  8. Jeanne: HE HE HE...Yeah, "teddy" is so popular for bears! ;-D

    Blur Ting: HA HA HA HA HA...Nah, he's not famous, just becoming more and more familiar in this SMALL village since he's been around a lot.

  9. When I first read 'teddy' I imagined about bears, not real one tho' but toys because we used to say "my teddy bear..." hihihi...

    When you're working in the tourism industry, it's very common people will ask for free pens or tees he he he...

  10. Choc Mint Girl: Ahhh...THANKS for the info about the tourism industry. I've never been in this industry before, so I was shocked when I read the letter/email he he he...