Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shhh! Don't Tell My Dad!

* This is NOT a paid post *

Yesterday I was looking for something else to give to my family, particularly my Dad. He loves chess, but he doesn't know how to use the computer. So I went browsing for some portable chess game online last night and I found one that I hoped would make him happy he he he he...

I found this two-in-one chess station (click on the link to view the product). Actually I bought one from ebay since the price was lower there (but this time I took a precaution and I only bought something if the seller has a 100% rating on over 1,000 sold items) ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, the good news about this chess station is that you can either play it using a portable travel unit or you can also play it the old-fashioned way. Plus you can also plug the chess board to the portable travel unit to game against the computer. I also read a good review about this game from a gamer ---> that's why I LOVE the internet!!!

When I was browsing for computerized portable chess games, I was torn between buying this one and another product. However, in the end I decided to buy this one because of the above reasons and because the chess board and pieces are bigger than the other version.

I thought about buying this portable game since my Dad's retired, so he has less things to occupy his mind with, so this type of stimulation would be good to keep his brain active. Back in the old days when we were still studying at school, he used to play chess in the computer for hoursssss!!! We'll see how well he likes it. I still hope the chess pieces aren't too small for him, though he he he...

Now I need YOUR help, blogger friend!!! I'm thinking of buying a camcorder in the near future, but I want your reviews first to compare and contrast. I've been reading some online guide on choosing camcorders, but I still think it's better to read your reviews first.

So, if you have any good experience with a camcorder and if you're satisfied with it, will you tell me the name and the brand, please? ;-D THANKS in advance for anyone who helps me HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...


  1. Good news with the chess set. A good find!

    I'm afraid I don't have any camcorder knowledge to share with you.

  2. the chess set sounds really nice, i'll check it out, my son loves to play chess too, thanks for sharing. but i'm afraid i can't help you on the camcorder, i also don't have the knowledge, hehe.

  3. That's a thoughtful gift. I'm sure your dad would be happy to receive it.

    Sorry, I'm not one who uses camcorder, so I can't contribute here..

  4. That's a thoughtful gift. I'm sure your dad would be happy to receive it.

    Sorry, I'm not one who uses camcorder, so I can't contribute here..

  5. That's such a sweet gift for your father, I'm sure he'll love it.

    No help on the camcorder I'm afraid, I've never used one.

  6. Camcorder pokoknya cari yg pake HD Mel, jadi ga ribet musti burn or beli mini dvd nya, kalo yg pake HD kan kalo udah full tinggal transfer ke computer, dah bisa dipake lagi.

    G sih pake JVC. Kalo ngikutin kata hati sih pengennya sony, model lebih kecil n lebih keren, tapi pas g beli tuh yg JVC feature nya lebih banyak, harga jauh lebih murah dari sony. Jadi ngikutin kata kantong deh, hehehe... skrg g liat2 malah JVC juga udah kecil2 modelnya, yg g punya masih agak gede.

    Hope this helps...

  7. good luck for find a camcorder :D

    i hope you have time to visit my post in here :D

  8. The World According to Me: Yeah, I thought it was a good find he he...and no worries about the camcorder thingie. ;-D

    Liza: Your son loves to play chess, too? Yeah, then maybe he'll like this 2-in-one game he he...

    Blur Ting: I hope it's easy to use! I can't wait to try it myself before giving it to my Dad so that I can show him how to do it he he...

    Fish: I'll keep you guys posted about this after I get back home from Indo he he...

    Mey: THANKS SO MUCH for your info! Kaga nyangka ternyata loe masih suka bacain blog gua yah ha ha ha ha ha...


  9. masih baca terus mel, cuma kalo mo comment suka ga sempet hehehe... kadang inetnya lelet juga sih. tapi kalo baca sih sering, so i know how you live there, on the other side of the world.. huehuehue

  10. Oh, can't help you with the camcorder, buddy! I, myself, am very picky if I want to look for one. I love the chess set, very good idea. Hope your dad will love it. :)

  11. Mother Hen + Choc Mint Girl: I hope he'll love it he he...

    Mey: Ah, gitu problemo lah he he he he...