Monday, August 18, 2008

The Power of Online Friends

The other week I read this online manga and I could really relate to the story. It's taken from a real life story in Japan. I'm sure all my blogger friends can also relate to this story. We've all been helping one another in this blogosphere by being friends. Can you imagine life without blogging and without your blogging friends? I can't anymore.

Blogging has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, especially since I moved halfway around the world last year. You guys have helped me not only survive in Finland, even before I found friends here...and you guys have also supported me in SO many ways, so:

If you have time to read the manga and you just need a break from work, here's the link to the manga:


  1. Your welcome, Amel. I feel very lucky to know you! Reading your blog is always enjoyable.

  2. You're right, the blogging community is like an online psychoterapeuthical service for free - you pour your heart out about what's troubling you and everyone hurries to help, it's too sweet for words.

    Thank you for your amazing blog!


  3. i'll read the manga after this.. Anyway i've already linked you in my LINK page... hope you'll do the same.. I'llvisit you often!

  4. it is nice to meet you in here also, mel. And i never forgot that you introduced me to blogging world :D

  5. I meet you online too :)

  6. It's obvious that God can use anything, anywhere, anytime to take care of us, Praise the Lord!

    i will remember to read this manga later... hope to get inspired and make another script about it too hahaha...

  7. Gain up to 600 visitors in a day for just one message here.

  8. Hey again,

    You are welcome, darling :D!

    You are right, I can't imagine my life with my blogger friends is like you guys become a part of me, a part of my daily life :D! And for that I also thank you *bowing*!


  9. Vince: Let's keep on being friends then! ;-D

    Bitter Chocolate: Yep, that's SO right!!! THANK you for your friendship, too, and your interesting blog! ;-D

    Ritzchelle: I'll add you soon! Sorry for the delay!!! ;-D

    Nyumix: Yes, that's true! Maybe someday we can meet in real life he he he...

    Trinity: INDEED!!! :-)))) You're a creative person. I'm sure you can find inspirations anywhere!

    Max: You're one of the first few blogging friends and I'll never forget that! ;-D

  10. Long live blogging! And blogging friends.

    I love the fact we can all communicate, share and care, encourage and understand, all at the touch of a button. I certainly appreciate my blogging friends and what blogging means to me.

  11. The World According to Me: YESSSS!!! That's VERY true what you the touch of a button. Mmmmm...who ever thought the world could feel this "small"? HE HE HE HE HE...