Thursday, August 07, 2008

Question of the Day

Why is it so hard for women (I don't know how it is for men) to accept compliments about our looks, I wonder?

Surely there are good days and bad days for everybody, but why is it so hard to accept that other people's compliments may be really sincere. Plus beauty is subjective, so what some other think as "ordinary" may be deemed as "extraordinary" by other people.

Interesting, don't you think so?


  1. THere's 3 theories (& it can apply to either men or women)
    1. Person who gets compliments could have a low self-image/self-esteem and doesn't think they are good looking. They can be from a family where thinking highly of yourself is very discouraged.
    2. They don't like complements because they think they are phony and not really sincere. '
    3. Person thinks that looks are very unimportant and that it's far better to be complemented on your personality.

  2. hmmm...difficult question :D don't forget come to visit my blog today..

  3. Even beautiful models feel that way too. I think women are seldom contented with their own looks.I think even someone who has alot of confidence in herself can still feel this way.

  4. Depends... I never really believe compliments are truthful but if they're put well I always gladly accept them. But many people don't even know how to mak a compliment. The other day, a guy I knew for about 5 minutes told me "me encanta tu culo" Which basically means I'm really into your ass. I abandoned him on the spot. Compliments are supposed to be made in a particular mather and with a particular aim. "me encanta tu culo" is not quite a compliment worth accepting LOL

  5. Vince: THANKS SO MUCH for your three answers. LOVE them all! ;-D

    Jul: Okie dokie! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, it's not easy to be content with our own looks, esp. when society is screaming a different kind of "beauty" all around us.

    Bitter Chocolate: OH DEAR GOODNESS!!! He said THAT to you?!?!?!?! Of course that's really not appropriate! Geez...

  6. oh yes, I agree with blur ting! It's so hard to accept our self and believe that we look fine. LOL, I am glad that those models feel that way too..huahahaha

  7. Trinity: He he he...yes, it's not easy at all, eh? ;-D