Saturday, August 02, 2008

Special "Vocabulary"

I noticed something when I met Arttu's two elder brothers. I've heard Arttu's special expressions and words and I found out that his brothers also have the same kind of "vocabulary". It's not easy for me to give an example, but I'm sure you also have specific expressions or words or phrases you use to describe something or words or phrases that you blurt out as a response to something that other people don't use, right?

Well, this reminds me of what my brother's wife's questions when she started to be his girlfriend and when she started to come to our house regularly. She kept on asking about some words or phrases that my brother and I used that she had never heard before. Or she might have heard those words or phrases, but the context was different.

Have you also noticed such a thing? That kind of "special vocabulary"? Sometimes you gather those words or phrases or even snippets of sentences by watching certain types of movies. For example, Arttu likes saying, "Man. Fell down. Funnyyyyy!" (he learnt it from Homer Simpson). His second brother also likes saying this every once in a while he he he...

My brother and I also have a collection of vocabulary that may only be "valid" in our household. I think friendship "vocabulary" also exists. I remember my two close friends in Junior High School who used to create their own "crazy" language which I did NOT understand at all. They were like talking in Martian language or something, but they understood each other. I used to be so envious of their "bond".

I've been learning Arttu's special "vocabulary" ever since I moved to Finland and I like this kind of "bond" he he he...I also think we're creating different types of "vocabulary" together that other people might not understand. It's our THING and I like it. *GRIN*

And this special "thing" isn't only limited to words. It also involves gestures, body language, a certain look or a twitch of the eyebrow, a certain smile or facial expression. I think it's MARVELOUS, don't you?

P.S. I'm in a lazy mood to blog-hop, so I'll do it tomorrow, OK? We're planning on spending a night at the cabin next Friday. I hope we're going to do it since I LOVE spending QUALITY TIME with hubby ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho...WHOOOOPPPEEEEE!!!! ;-D

I hope you're enjoying your weekend, My Friends!!!!!!! Let me share with you one of this old songs I LOVE SO MUCH. I LOVE this gal's voice and her radiant face and cute dimples HE HE HE HE HE..."You Gotta Be" by Des'ree.


  1. Hello my friend. I was just stopping in to say hello. I just loved reading about the specail talk. We also have special words and terms in my family. If my brother and I are talking, and you are someone who has never heard us talk before, you would think we were nuts. Great post, Loved it and God Bless.

  2. Hi, Amel! Yeah, we have those special line that only me and friends or my family understand he he... Sometimes, those words are very funny to us, but not to others. :)

  3. Hi Amel, masih males :D Aku jg eui...gawat ini hi hi hi

  4. Hi Amel, I have linked you already. You can find your link at the sidebar of my blog. Thanks for adding my link.

    Take care,

  5. Yes,I notice siblings have this special vocab amongst themselves. They also tend to have their special jokes too which only they can understand!

  6. Yes I think so. I don't use any special words with my family - we are a pretty serious and boring bunch of people - but I do use some special words with some close friends here.

  7. hi amel, i can relate. hehehe. i can remember the first word i heard from my indo friend - the "jalan jalan" a word that means walk in bahasa. right? and i often hear them talking behind me teasing my frind (guy) that he should walk (jalan jalan) with me often. hahahaa

    btw, got sth for u here:

    take care.

  8. It's always awsome to have some lines only you and certain people can fully understand. As if there was a small world only you would share and noone else could get in uninvited :)

  9. Yes, our family (and hubby's)have those bonding words.

    There's also those special stories that eventually become just one word or sentence in families. You just have to say that "word or sentence" and everyone laughs because they know exactly what you mean.

    One of the good parts of being in a family. :-)
    oh and... I love your song choice! :-D

  10. Hey, everybody! THANKS for your comments. So it seems everybody's got the same phrases and terms and special words and jokes with some friends or relatives. WONDERFUL! ;-D

  11. With that in mind, what parts of a face most influence first impressions?