Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Photos

Yesterday Arttu, his brother, his girlfriend, and I helped build a small "tent-like" garage for my MIL and FIL.

It was a warm day for mid-August, around 18'C, even though the wind could still be cool when it blew hard. We had a bit of a hard time while making the garage since the wind blew SO hard before we could put some stakes on the ground, so the four of us had to hold the four ends so that it wouldn't be blown away by the wind. Here's a pic of the garage once it was done:

If you notice the "white pole" on the ground, that was the fallen flag pole he he he...

And here we are posing in the garden:

This bug crawled on Arttu's brother's neck and when he flicked it away, he accidentally "severed" one of his antennas.

Lounging in the sun he he he he he he....

We didn't do anything much, just enjoying ourselves and talking. I understood well some of what they were saying to one another, including some jokes, so that was good practice, too he he he he he he he...;-D

Okie dokie, time to blog-hop again!!!


  1. What a beautiful insect!! But I would have definitely gotten scared having it on my neck :)

    It looks like Summer there is really cool :) People are wearing long sleeves shirts and all :) Here all you want to do is to have only the bare minimum to cover the essentials :) as it is soooooo hot and humid :)

    Have a great Sunday :)

  2. great bonding time with family. here in manila we get lots of rain :)

    enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  3. The sky and weather look lovely! And the company... I'm sure you had a really great day outside.

  4. seems nice weekend :D

  5. nice pictures, amel and sure you had a great day.

  6. Nice to see you all smiling in the sun. But I'm not sure if the bug was smiling after his severed antenna!

  7. great pictures, that was interesting looking antennae on that bug.

  8. great pictures, that was interesting looking antennae on that bug.

  9. Such peaceful, cosy and sunny photos :o) Lovely! It is so good to have those moments with the family!

    I am only sorry about the bug! The poor thing is wounded for life...


  10. 18 degree C & its warm over your side. Its so terrible over here. I'm getting more tan each day just sending the boys to & from school. LOL :)

  11. Hello once more!

    It seems to me that you guys were really having a nice time...and a peaceful one too!