Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cabin Trip March '10

On Friday when I got back to work, I "worked" again in the yard by cleaning up some snow. Just as I was about to finish, R2 came back from work, so we packed our bags and left to the cabin after dropping by at a supermarket to buy some stuff. Silly thing was that we forgot to buy some hamburgers. UUURRRGGGHHHHH...Good thing my MIL had some bread and we did bring some sausages with us. R2 went to the cabin first to warm it up, then came back and the three of us played cards until around 9.30 pm.

By that time, it was already dark outside, but there was full moon, so we brought a flashlight to help us walk to the cabin (it's around 300 metres away from the house). The trouble was that due to my FIL's Alzheimer's, he couldn't clear up the path to the cabin, so we had to walk through thick snow to get there and we had to get past the frozen lake. In some parts, one leg of mine alternately sanked so deep into the snow (about knee-deep), but I managed to yank it out. The result was when we arrived in the cabin, I got snow inside my boots ha ha ha ha ha...

To get the idea of what we had to deal with, let me show you with pictures that I took when we walked back to the house yesterday.

1st pic: The cabin and the snow surrounding it. We had that sledge with us to make it easier to bring our stuff there.

2nd pic: The path we took across the frozen lake.

3rd pic: The hole in the ice R2 made the night before to get some water to use in the cabin's sauna.

4th pic: More tracks we made across the frozen lake.

5th pic: The other side. Notice the ends of the two poles there? It shows how deep the snow is.

6th pic: This photo was taken in July 08. I only wanted to show one of the pole and how tall it should be. I know this pic doesn't give the right proportion, but still you can imagine how thick the snow is in the pic above 'coz you can only see the ends of the poles.

7th pic: Here's another photo from a different angle. Taken in August 08.

8th pic: Ready to go back to the house with our stuff in the sledge.

9th pic: Deep tracks in the snow.

10th pic: Reindeer tracks.

11th pic: R2 dragging the sledge with him. Behind him was a neighbour who went cross-country skiing.

12th pic: The sledge was really helpful! :-D

All in all it was a beautiful cabin trip as usual he he he he...;-D We went to bed at around 1 am 'coz we got to the cabin rather late and then we first ate bread and sausages while listening to some music on the radio (portable radio operated with batteries 'coz there's no electricity in the cabin) and then we went to the sauna.

OK, now I've gotta cook and in the evening snow job is waiting again 'coz it's been snowing since last night or this morning, so there's a pile of snow outside already. I'll blog-hop later this week.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, Amel. Oh boy...still lots of snow :D

  2. Snow, yuck. Sauna, ahhhh!

    Sounds as though all the work getting there was worth it.

  3. Yeah, I can imagine how thick the snow was there. :o Here the snow has been melting and all the roads are just so wetty. :(

  4. Jul: Yeah, still SO much snow and it's been snowing since yesterday until now he he...

    74WIXYgrad: Oh yeah, it was all worth it indeed. :-D

    Henny: It's melting there already? Yeah, wet roads are really yucky and dirty...

  5. Yikes! I can't believe you still have that much snow at the end of March!!! Though it's said to snow in England this week too, oh joy.

  6. Wow .. that's really a lot of snow. Gives one such a peaceful quiet feeling.

  7. sounds like fun. What kind of card games do you like to play??