Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tears of Joy

*cross-posted with my IF blog - modified a little*

A few weeks ago hubby was rearranging some stuff in our living room cabinets. He was moving some stuff when he decided to browse through our wedding album again. He had a joyful, sentimental smile on his face while he leafed through the album and then he said, "Oh look, what a cute girl!"

He leafed through some more pages and said with a cheeky smile, "Lucky bastard!" (referring to himself jokingly)

I smiled, too...after he finished browsing through the album, he came towards me (who was at that time lying down on our soft, comfortable sofa-bed) and hugged me and said "I love you" in such a way that made my heart flutter.

I couldn't help the tears from flowing. It was a LONG journey for us until we could be together as husband-and-wife and we've managed to kick IF in the butt by not letting it go between us and our love. With tears free-flowing on my cheeks, I hugged him, kissed him, and said, "I love you too. Look where are are now! I can't believe it's over 10 years ago when we first got in touch with each other through the internet."

He let me go, looked me in my eyes, wiped my tears, and said, "Don't cry!"

I replied, "But these are tears of joy. I'm just happy!"

We hugged and kissed some more...moments like these are really precious...Looking back at what we've gone through to reach this point has made me realized how ABUNDANT God's blessings have been for us. And my heart is full of gratitude...because I have my beloved, precious hubby with me.

I knew I loved him before I met him...I hope we can keep growing closer to each other as time goes by NO MATTER WHAT comes our way.


  1. Hi Amel,

    Such a gorgeous post: I am deeply moved :)!

    I wish you and your husband all the Love and happiness in the world, for you two deserve it. You, as lovers, have fought against all obstacles and have conquered your place in the Land of Love and Life: congrats :D!

    God Bless!


  2. what a great story. You know, Amel, when people say, "There are no good marriages anymore" I tell them about my parents and I tell them about yours!!
    I'll never ever get tired of reading your stories about you and R2.

  3. Mel, I am so touched!!! AWWWWW!!!!! So happy for you, girl! =) Btw, I still don't know your love story! hehe

    There's an award for you here:

    Enjoy! =)

  4. Sweeeeeet......That's what I could say!

  5. Such a loving couple. You should write a book on Loving Who you Have.

  6. Max: THANK YOUUUU!!! :-D HUGS!

    ChicagoWing: I sure hope our marriage will keep on blooming. At least we'll do our best he he...

    Blur Ting: Yeah, he's not a typical romantic guy, but he can be SO sweet when I least expect him to. :-D

    Shinta: THANKS A LOT for the award!

    Nyumix: Glad you enjoyed it, Put!

    WaterLearner: First gotta stand the test of time, then maybe I'll consider writing a book he he...

  7. Wow, Amel! What a story! :) So happy for both of you. :D

  8. Henny: Glad you enjoyed the post! :-D