Sunday, March 07, 2010

Friday Task

On Friday after we got back home from work, we had to clean up the snow - I had to help make some room for new snow in the yard and R2 had to go up the roof again to clean up more snow. This winter is really something 'coz people've been saying that they haven't seen this much snow. One colleague of mine told us during lunch break that a few days ago her mother or MIL called, saying that she couldn't get out of the house 'coz snow had piled up in front of her door. My MIL also had trouble getting out 'coz there was so much snow sometime this week, after snow had fallen down all night long.

Here are some pics for comparison purposes...

1st pic: Taken when we first moved in about 5 weeks ago. Notice the amount of snow on the roof and in the yard in front of the house.

2nd pic: Taken yesterday. Lots of snow from the roof has now "landed" on the yard ha ha...I had to stand there to let you know how thick the snow is compared to me (I'm 145 cm).

3rd pic: Taken last week. R2 is about 177 cm tall.

4th pic: R2 cleaning up the snow on the roof. DANGEROUS task 'coz it may be slippery up there and you can't hold on to anything. I read that at least 1-2 people fell down in other places in Finland when they were cleaning the roof from snow.

OK, now I'll blog-hop a bit and then I need to finish the Finnish novel that I've been reading. Only a couple of pages left. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :-D


  1. awesome pic no.2 hi hi hi hi... we didn't have any snow anymore in here but it is windy and very cold :((

  2. Yikes, and you say you don't do much for your fitness these days? Sounds like hell of a workout, chilling with a book sounds like a prefect treat after so much work!

  3. That's really an awful lot of snow there. Is the weather there out of norm?

    In Singapore these days, it's really melting hot. around 35 to 37 deg C. And it's so humid. When we get out of the train station, you can really feel the heat waves coming on you.

    How's the weather in Indonesia for your loved ones?

  4. My goodness! Really piled up so high!

  5. After seeing this, I may not complain about the snow we got here in Ohio. Well maybe not.

  6. Jul: Today it snowed again for a while he he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: Well, while exercising you exercise different muscles than when just shoveling snow he he...

    WaterLearner: Usually at this time of the year there's only as much snow as the first pic and usually it's partly melting already (though it turns to ice 'coz at nights it's still below 0'C), but this year it's snowed profusely, even in Southern Finland.

    Ouch...35-37'C? It's WAY too hot for's been raining a lot in Indo.

    Blur Ting:'s hard to find places to pile it up neatly he he...

    74WIXYgrad: HE HE HE HE HE...